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We all love Star Wars in our own ways.  Some of us like to show it off from day to day!  Meet some fans like you who want to share their love of Star Wars with the world!

Meet Stephenie! 

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For Stephenie showing off our fandom means “Expressing who I am and what I love. It’s not always been acceptable to do that – some places and people still frown on it – but just saying I love this and I’m showing it off is freeing.” 

That sense of freedom from showing off her fandom fits well with what she loves about Star Wars, the idea of hope, fighting against the odds, and making your own family that are found in the universe, along with the epic storytelling has always captured my mind. (And heart.)

And how does she show off this fandom? “My purse, computer background, and my day to day tea cup are all Star Wars, so it’s fairly obvious most of the time. I always make jokes about it to students – one emailed me to chat as the semester wound down. I’ve also been known to wear Star Wars shoes at conferences and half of my clothes are themed.”

Her favorite thing about others showing off their fandom is finding her people!  If you’re one of those people, you can find her at @stephenieeloise on Instagram!

Meet Lisa!

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Lisa likes to see others showing off their fandom because it feels like meeting a kindred spirit.  One could even say it’s like a sense through the force? 

With a special connection to Rey, Lisa enjoys fashion, collecting, and cosplay.  Showing off her fandom is sometimes just a shirt, and getting an acknowledgement from a stranger, like hey, I see you, and I like that thing too!

If you like that thing too, you can give Lisa a follow at @_actuallyaprincess on instagram!

Meet Anna!

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For Anna, Star Wars has so many amazing strong women to inspire them. Those strong women are true to themselves and showing off her fandom to Anna means just being her authentic self!  This is with clothing, art all over her house, and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention her ginormous Millennium Falcon earrings (that we definitely want to see, perhaps even need to see). 

When meeting a fellow fan showing their fandom love, Anna loves the excitement they have and how happy it makes them.  If you want to share that excitement and happiness, you can find Anna at @starwarsandsalami on instagram and Twitter.

Meet Nessa!

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For Nessa showing off fandom means “Showing off a part of the creative space I exist in. Fandom is where we grow into our most imaginative selves.” And how do they do that? “All sorts of ways! In line with current events, I’ve been wearing masks from Star Wars fabric. I also own several fashion pieces from SW that I like to wear every now and then. I also have a couple Star Wars tattoos (an abstract Ahsoka and a dead stormtrooper, haha).” Wearing masks is near and dear to our hearts (and Clone Trooper approved!) and we might just have to ask more about this abstract Ahsoka tattoo!

Nessa does have a very specific era they love best. “I’m a bit of a die-hard Galactic Republic/Clone Wars era fan. That’s my jam. More specifically, I’m a HUGE fan of the clone troopers and know far, far too much about them.” So we know who we can go pester with our very strong feelings abouts Fives!

When Nessa sees others expressing their fandom, they love knowing that it makes them happy! “I love seeing people embrace and show off the things that give them joy.”  If you have joy for Star Wars you want to show off or share in Nessa’s happiness, give them a follow on twitter @thewitchness and on IG @girlybruiser.

Meet Lee!

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“It means showing my love for Star Wars unabashedly and living the life I love” is how Lee describes showing off her fandom.  This includes pins, patches, t-shirts, cosplay, and car stickers throughout her everyday life. Lee has a special connection to our beloved Senator Queen Padme Amidala and her planet of Naboo.  

When asked about her favorite thing about seeing others express their fandom, she said “When you see someone else in fandom gear at a work conference or other professional event and you have a silent moment of I see you.”

Meet Barbara! 

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Star Wars has been a near life long love for Barbara “It’s been part of my life since I was 11 years old, I can’t really explain it. I just love the ideals that the Rebellion represents and I strive to emulate the strength of character that Leia  has.” She loves the subtle nods to each other that say “I can see your cool!” when she sees a fellow fan showing off their love. “It helps me connect with people from all walks of life, people can see that I am a Star Wars fan and then they just strike up a conversation.”

For her own fandom, Barbara says “You can often find me wearing Star Wars themed clothing, and my Jeep sports a “Red Leader” Vinyl Sticker on the side. I am a collector of Star Wars books and toys, so much so that The UPS Delivery Person asks me every time he brings something to me, ‘What new Star Wars Toy is it?’” We wish our UPS Delivery person was as excited about our Star Wars boxes!

If you want to connect with fellow cool person Barbara, you can find her on Pinterest under her name Barbara Ladin!

Meet Elena!

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Elena likes to show off her love of the world of Star Wars, as well as seeing how many lives it has touched in those around her.  She does this with socks, t-shirts, and earrings to show off some killer Star Wars looks. In true Starduster fashion, her favorite character is Jyn Erso and her favorite movie is Rogue One. A lot of the character portraits you see around Project Stardust are her creation!

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