How to Incorporate Rey’s Look into Your Everyday Wear


Would you like to incorporate a little Star Wars into your everyday style? Sure, you could go out and purchase a licensed shirt or make something out of a fabric print from your local store. But if you want to be a little more subtle about it, or if you just want to be creative with your current wardrobe, there are ways to create your favorite character’s look. 

Rey on the run in The Force Awakens. Image (c) Lucasfilm.

Let’s take Rey for example. Rey’s clothing in the movies is very distinct, but we can use the colors and combinations of her outfits to create a look that would let you blend in with the residents of Jakku.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on Rey’s look from The Force Awakens. However, you can take these tips and use them to incorporate any of her looks into your daily wear! I used items that I already owned to create my look. You can do the same or purchase some items to channel your inner Jedi.

Start with a pair of light brown or khaki colored capris. A relaxed fit pair will most closely resemble Rey’s style, but any fit will do to capture the aesthetic. My personal favorite is a pair of Relaxed Fit capris from Lee.

Rocking my Rey style!

Next, add a white tank top, or short sleeved shirt. Any style works, but a solid colored shirt without graphics will be closest to the character aesthetic. If you don’t already have a shirt like this in your wardrobe, I recommend checking out what’s available in your local stores.

If you are the belt-wearing type, adding a brown belt to your look will channel your inner Rey. Personally, I do not have many belts in my wardrobe, but I do like this obi wrap belt from goodtimesbarcelona on Etsy.

Rey’s arm wraps are awesome, but not terribly practical for the workplace or most people’s everyday lives. That’s not a problem for us! We can create the aesthetic with an off-white cardigan. Bonus points if you can closely match the cardigan to the khaki’s. Alternatively, matching arm warmers will work nicely, especially if you will be working or spending the day in a cold environment. For the knitters among you, try this awesome pattern  for your own Rey-inspired creation!

A light brown scarf or chunky necklace can compliment the look. I am a fan of this infinity scarf from Tobi.

Thinking about how awesome Rey is.

A brown bracelet on your left wrist will add to the look. Check out Novica, a handmade marketplace, to find one that will work for you.

Pair the outfit with a pair of brown boots (or socks if you’re spending the day at home). If you are in need of a pair of boots, check out your local stores for something that will work for you!

A messy bun will help add to the aesthetic. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, take a shot at creating Rey’s signature hairstyle.

And viola! You’ve created an outfit reminiscent of the heroine we’ve come to love. Don’t be afraid to play with colors either – I switched the colors of my shirt and cardigan, because I don’t own any brown cardigans!

Did you try and create this look? We’d love to see! Send us a photo (Twitter: @proj_stardust or Instagram: @theprojectstardust)! We’ll tag you in any shares!

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