The Advice Council

In a galaxy torn asunder by war, the loss of the New Republic, the collapse of the First and Final Orders, and reaching for the stories of the Jedi a new group has formed.  From all walks of life, these individuals have come together to offer insight, guidance, and the occasionally poorly thought out argument to assist the denizens of the Galaxy.  They are not Jedi.  They are not Sith.  They are The Advice Council and operate under no authority other than their own ability to get onto the holonet.  The Council might not always give the best advice, but they figure it’s probably better than what Palpatine would have told you to do.

The Grand Porg awaits your questions and your fish.

Meet the Council:

The Smuggler is a slicer turned smuggler who has been operating throughout the galaxy.  She never tells where she is, but she knows that there’s no authority that you can trust better than a fast ship and your own wits. 

The Bartender works the cantina bar at a half forgotten town on Tatooine.  She knows how to lend a listening ear but also when to cut you off because you don’t survive on Tatooine without having a healthy sense of self preservation. 

The Scholar is a historian that has spent the past few decades trying to gather what he could about the force and the Jedi in the collapse of the Empire.  His books are his life, which he entrusts entirely over to the force. 

The Trooper is a former stormtrooper within the first order now trying to figure out this galaxy for themselves when their whole life they’ve been told what and who to be.  Still it’s hard to shake that programming and they offer advice through the eyes of order. 

The Grand Porg is a porg.  The Grand Porg is grand.  The Grand Porg really likes fish.

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