Patches and Pins and Stickers, Oh My!


As in most fandoms, Star Wars fans oftentimes appreciate the opportunity to show love for Star Wars in visible ways.

One of the most visible displays of fan pride is to WEAR IT! T-shirts are nice, hats are cool, and socks are fun. But a more creative way to wear your fandom pride is through fan-made pins, patches, and stickers!

Fan art expresses some of the most creative and honest depictions of any source material, and Star Wars is no exception. In addition, you get to support a small business artist along the way! Here are just a few companies to grow your collection:

  • Laser Brain Patch Co, @laserbrainpatchco on Instagram: Maker of pins, patches, stickers, and other items. You can also subscribe to their monthly service and get pins each month for less than the regular website price—when slots are open that is!
  • SquadronGoals, @squadrongoalsco: Makes patches, pins, and more! Follow their socials for tips and tricks on catching their new releases—they always sell out fast!
  • Glitch Pins, @glitchpins: Maker of easily recognizable pin art, she has collections for Star Wars and beyond.
  • Creations by M, @creations_by_m: Makes pins and other fun fandom items! She particularly likes putting mouse ears on Porgs.
  • Utinni Bikini, @utinnibikini: Maker of pins and also some clothes and bathing suits-hence the bikini portion of their name!
  • Team Tano Alive, @teamtanoalive: Makers of Star Wars Pins and many specifically Ahsoka related items! Ahsoka fans, stop here first.
  • Lantern Pins, @lanternpins: Makes pins, patches, stickers, and ITA backpacks. She’s well known for her hair pins. Pins that actually look like our favorite heroines’ hair!
  • Maintaining Mediocrity, @maintainingmediocrity: Maker of pins and stickers and other things and currently (as of August 2020) running a Star Wars Kickstarter campaign for pins! Check it out, it’s a great looking collection. 
  • Tomorrowland Design, @tomorrowlanddesign: Maker of pins and stickers with a focus on Porgs and heroines. They have a lot to look at!
  • Doodle Spork, @doodlesporkdoodles: Maker of art for shirts, stickers, art, t-shirts and more! She’s also a fantastic cosplay artist if you want to check out her costuming too @doodlesporkcosplay.
  • Artbymadelinex, @Artbymadelinex: Maker of fun Star Wars focused stickers, as well as some Rey cosplay items when she has listings!
  • Two Pineapples Co, @twopineapplesco: Maker of pins, patches, smart watch charms, stickers, and tees. They have something for everyone.
  • Danielle Balanga, @Balangawa: Illustrator posting art to tee-public for production.
  • Miss Upsetter Designs, @missupsetterdesigns: Maker of pins, patches and stickers. She also founded and creates merch for members of the Galactic Fempire!
  • Jedi Kaylin Embroidery, @jedikaylin: Makes beautiful patches of lightsaber hilts and characters. It’s good stuff, for sure!
  • Stardust Pins, @stardustpins: Maker of beautiful pins at her etsy store with canon and crossover art! No relation, by the way, but it is a fun coincidence.
  • Luna’s Observatory, @lunasobservatory: Makes pins and keychain straps and is currently (as of August 2020) running an ITA bag kickstarter!
  • FantasyPinstress, @fantasypinstress: Maker of absolutely gorgeous palm sized enamel pins. She makes pins of outfits and characters. Definitely a “don’t miss.”

Don’t worry! We’ll be posting more lists soon, so, if you have favorite artists, please let us know their social handles so we can include them! You can tweet us (@proj_stardust) or leave a note here.

Author’s Note: A special thanks to @LanternPins on Instagram for helping me collect this list of some of the best and brightest of artists on the web.