Fan Fashion: Sara

Vicky takes us on a Sara’s journey in creating Star Wars inspired looks!

One of my favorite parts of being a part of the Star Wars fandom is the unlimited amount of creativity that I see. I love all things fashion, so showing my fandom in my clothing is a favorite pastime of mine. I’m constantly inspired by how I see Star Wars incorporated into people’s daily attire. Recently, in the Facebook group “Galactic Fempire,” Sara shared some of her looks based on Star Wars, and I just had to know more.

As it turns out, Sara has quite the eye for color and is therefore quite good at creating outfits based on characters and capturing the aesthetic of Star Wars in general. She was kind enough to share some photos with me and explained how she put these looks together. I certainly am inspired by these looks, and I hope you are too!

Dress Looks

Sara had three looks with dresses as the main pieces. Each of the dresses came from Her Universe, a staple in Star Wars fashion. In order to create these looks, she used the dresses as inspiration and created a look with a certain color, vibe or feeling. In her first look, Sara created a vintage/retro look and incorporated a Captain Phasma purse from Loungefly .

Sara refers to her second coordinate (above right) as a “beach day on Scarif” look. Among the planets and characters, there are little palm trees, giving this look a real Summer vacation vibe!

Sara is a self-professed lover of collars, making her third look an absolutely perfect representation of who she is. She layered a button down shirt under this dress to match the light 

blue accents on the dress and really pull the look together. The boots tied this together as a fun outfit that can be worn anywhere.

T-shirt and Skirt Looks

Sara says, “When I’m not layering tees with button downs, I’m pairing them with skirts! It’s my favorite because I get to be super comfy, but also add a bit of feminine flair.”

In this look, Sara paired a T-shirt from Jordandene with a floral skirt and a Leia bag from Loungefly. The similar colors and floral motifs pull this look together.

Sara’s next look (above right) also includes a T-shirt from Jordandené, this time paired with a blue striped skirt and purple cardigan. Her Darth Vader purse is from Chubby Bunny Studios , and it is complemented with a pastel Vader enamel pin from Black Wanda Shop. Her Millenium Falcon necklace is from Hot Topic, and compliments the Han Solo quote, “Never tell me the odds” on the tee. Sara says, “this ended up being a mash-up because, again, I simply couldn’t resist coordinating colors!”

In the look below, Sara donnes a T-shirt with the iconic “Star Wars” logo, and it includes all of the saga film logos on the back, complete with release dates. This is paired with a lovely pleated skirt with a floral pattern and an R2-D2 necklace. Both the T-shirt and necklace are from Hot Topic. Sara says, “Also, when in doubt – I throw my hair into Leia buns!” What a fun way to pay tribute to our late princess.

Character-Inspired Outfits

Character-inspired outfits, sometimes called “casual cosplay” or “closet cosplay,” are fun ways to channel your inner fan while living your daily life. Sara says, “this is very new for me and still outside my comfort zone!” However, I think she nailed it! These outfits are fun and look incredibly comfortable.

These looks were created for various Instagram challenges and Sara created them out of clothing that she already owned. Sara says, “I was so inspired by not only the characters I was paying homage to, but also all the other fans participating, who were so innovative and talented.” These challenges require creativity, because many of us don’t have an entire wardrobe full of solely Star Wars merchandise!  However, according to Sara, “ this was like playing dress-up, and I had so much fun! Plus, my love for matching and eye for color-coordinating still came in handy.” 

In this outfit, Sara created a casual Han Solo look. The wrap is from Her Universe. Sara looks ready to make the Kessel run!

The look below left was inspired by Boba Fett. The Mandalorian necklace is a nice touch! 

In the last look, (above right) Sara created an outfit that Padmé Amidala might wear while attending a gala on Canto Bright. I could easily see the Senator walking down the red carpet in this outfit – Perhaps catching some criminals in the process!

There are many ways to incorporate your fandom into your everyday clothing, and it doesn’t always require purchasing merchandise. All of these wonderful looks by Sara demonstrate the different ways that you can show off your inner fan through your clothing. 

To see more of Sara’s amazing outfits, check out her Instagram, @saraglassy. 

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