Henry’s Jedi- A Kitten’s Only Hope


On October 13th, a black kitten meowed out to the Force, hoping someone would answer. 

Someone did. McKenna at callmesnips on Instagram, an Ahsoka cosplayer, crafter of Lekku, and lifelong fan of cats, saw on Facebook that a black kitten had been grievously injured and in need of medical rescue Even with his injuries, the young kitten was friendly with shelter workers and they encouraged others to share his story. A few hours after seeing his story, McKenna saw that he had been marked for euthanization. The Black Cat Holistic Rescue, a rescue an hour away, was willing to take him in and get him the medical help he needed. Only he didn’t have a ride since the rescue couldn’t get anyone to the vet in time. McKenna offered to do this kitten’s Kessel Run to his life saving destination.

“Something as small as acting as a kitten taxi seemed like no trouble at all if it meant giving Henry a chance.” – McKenna (callmesnips)

The kitten, now temporarily named Henry, made it in time and came through his surgery successfully. However, there was a hefty vet bill into the thousands attached to the small kitten who was only just starting out in life. The rescue was worried about depleting their funds to provide appropriate treatment, surgeries, and medications for little Henry. But he was a fighter, and McKenna wanted to do what she could to provide him with a chance.

Which led to an Ahsoka and Henry sticker to help raise funds.

McKenna, a graphic designer when she’s not fighting the Dark Side, is no stranger to charity merchandise. In the past has done runs for local shelters and to care for and find the homes of animals hurt and displaced by the fires in California. Ahsoka is a staple for these designs, whose proceeds go directly to the stated goal for each fundraising effort.

“The designs usually feature Ahsoka, who I believe would do anything she could to help someone in need.“ – McKenna (callmesnips)

And Henry’s run has so far been a success! Not only has the little padawan come through his surgeries so far, the stickers have raised almost $700 for his medical bills so far in a few days. Of the initial order of 100 stickers, about half have been sold. The stickers are still in stock and all continued proceeds will go to Henry.

While she is not sure what will be done next, McKenna is sure that she will do another art design soon. The response from her fellow Star Wars fans has been amazing and inspiring.

“They truly want to do what they can to help,and if I can reward that with a knickknack of sorts then I am happy to.”- McKenna (callmesnips)

When asked if she had any advice for those among us who want to try to make what small differences they can, she had this advice to give:

 “I’ll admit sometimes it’s exhausting trying to support a cause- if it doesn’t get the social media traction you hoped, if the costs are high, if the odds seem impossible, etc. But I want to stress that it’s worth the hustle. Little Henry would have left us over a week ago if it weren’t for the kindness of dozens of people. And for those who say “well it’s just a kitten”, I want to let them know he’s a sweet, playful, and happy boy who has already been through so much during his short life. He deserved a chance to live a happy life. The world can be a difficult place, especially during this year it seems. So while I may not be able to enact widespread change and positivity, I can do what I can at a personal and local level to change and improve the lives of those around me.” – McKenna (callmesnips)

When we come together, no one needs to tell us the odds, no matter how bad they might be. A small black kitten has a chance at life because his Jedi saw him and knew that she could help. It is something we can all aspire to, to do one small thing and then the next small thing, until we all work together to make the world a better place one person and kitten at a time.

If you would like to donate to Henry, there are a few options.

To Order the Charity Sticker for $12 and free shipping follow the following instructions:

Paypal – Friends and Family (laurenmfellows@aol.com): Indicate your desired number of stickers, your name, your Instagram, and address in the notes section

Venmo- @Lauren-Fellows-30: Send as private!! Indicate your desired number of stickers, your name, your Instagram, and address in the notes section

If stickers aren’t your thing, you can still donate to Henry and Black Cats Holistic Rescue directly via Paypal (bchrdonations@gmail.com) or their website! Put “OCAC Kitten” in the notes.

If you would like to follow McKenna for her efforts in the future, you can find her at callmesnips on Instagram and her shop at kmcreations.shop

“In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them, no matter what.”

– Ahsoka Tano