The Mandalorian: Chapter 9

Project Stardust has decided to come together and do a weekly roundtable among Anna, Lauren and Meaghan.  Every week we are going to talk about things we liked about each episode, and a question we have.  These discussions will have spoilers, so read on if you are all caught up!

We all loved the guest stars, especially Timothy Olyphant.

Anna: Timothy Olyphant.  I adore him as a lawman so this was a gimme for me. I haven’t read the Aftermath books, but I will be adding them to the list, as Cobb Vanth is someone about whom I want to know more. And Amy Sedaris is ALWAYS a win.

Meaghan: The guest stars! I’m a big Timothy Olyphant fan and I loved him as Cobb Vanth. I hope we see more of him this season. I also really loved seeing Amy Sedaris as Peli Motto again. She was one of my favorite guest stars last season and I might have squealed when I saw her again. Her wanting to buy The Child is also so relatable. It was a nice surprise to have John Leguizamo as Gor Koresh, too. This show keeps getting quality talent for small but memorable side characters and I hope we get more great guest stars showing up this season!

Lauren: THE ICE CREAM MAKER! Timothy Olyphant is cordially invited to the Running of the Hoods at Star Wars Celebration whenever it happens next. This part just made me giggle. Also Timothy Olyphant is now Daddy Star War in my mind. I will not be taking any questions at this time on this matter.

The Krayt Dragon was a big hit:

Lauren: After last season’s showdown with the Mudhorn, I thought it would stand to reason that we would see another aggressive beast this season. Before the season started I sat down and looked at different creatures in the Star Wars universe to narrow down what I thought we might see next and made some BINGO cards. I put “Krayt Dragon” down thinking how unlikely it would be to guess these things correctly. AND THEN IT WAS THE WHOLE DANG EPISODE. I think that means the pearl belongs to me.

Meaghan: I’m always a sucker for a good dragon. The design of the Krayt was gorgeous and I love the Sandworm/Graboid vibe it had. I was super sad that the entire plot of this episode revolved around killing it. It seemed such a shame that so beautiful a creature had to die. I had the same issue with the killing of the Mudhorn last season. The design team on this show is just way too good at their job. More gorgeous space creatures, please!

The Tusken Raiders: 

Anna: I loved that the Tusken Raiders are finally being treated as something other than savages. I loved that the townspeople were able to work together and will hopefully continue to find common ground.  I thought it was a great lesson for us all, especially given the political climate in the US. I was so excited that behind the scenes they asked a hearing-impaired person to help with the sign language used by Din and the Tusken leader. That representation was awesome.

Meaghan: I loved the short interaction with them last season and I was very happy to see this episode continue to humanize them. I love having Din Djarin serve as the mediator between the settler townsfolk and the indigenous Tuskens. It helps to show the Tusken point of view that the previous media had been missing and to bring them from the scary monsters we all saw in the movies to the complex peoples we see in The Mandalorian. Also a big shout-out to the continued use of sign language as a communication method.

Lauren: I loved that we continue to see Din Djarin bridging the cultural gap. It was a major moment for me last season to see him advocate for the Tusken Raiders and bring to light that they have a different understanding and system of beliefs surrounding how they and their home planet have been treated. I think Star Wars shows again and again that all beings are complex and have motivations that aren’t always connected to an inherent good or bad nature. So to have Tusken Raiders painted as monsters for so long and to now see them as a people that can be partnered with….what a journey. We love to see it.

The Easter Eggs!

Anna: I LOVED seeing R5, especially because I recently finished “From a Certain Point of View”, which included a story about R5 and his sacrifice for R2, so he could complete his mission. I also was so excited when one of our Stardust Sisters brought up that Cobb Vanth’s bike was made form part of Anakin’s podracer.  It is these little touches that really give me the warm and fuzzies about this series.

Finally, WE HAVE QUESTIONS!! Really, this week we have one, and we’re sure many people are saying the same things. 

Anna: That was Boba Fett, right. That was Boba Fett. Is he the person who found Fennec Shand? Is she alive?  I can’t imagine them killing her off after one episode. I need to know!!!!

Meghan: To be perfectly honest with all the rumors and speculation and “leaks” in the past few months it didn’t really come as a surprise to me that Boba is back. I’m sure we’re going to get some kind of answers to the obvious questions like how he got out of the pit and what he’s been doing the last few years so I’m just going to patiently wait for those answers. What I really want to know is what role he’s going to have in this story. Will he team up with Din? Did he save Fennic Shand last season and will that have any effect on the events of this season? Is The Child being a Force user going to create tension with him based on his past dealings with the Jedi? No matter how this plays out I’m just happy to see Temuera Morrison back in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Lauren: I think there’s an obvious question that everybody is wondering right now which is,

“Boba Fett?” It is seeming more and more likely that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc Pit, especially after seeing Din Djarin survive the belly of the Krayt Dragon. There’s a lot of ways to NOT die in Star Wars, so I’ve come around to this idea that we are in fact dealing with Boba Fett. However, speculation about Boba Fett being the figure we see discover Fennec Shand is also feeling more likely and my BIGGER question is “Is there a potential partnership between Din Djarin, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand that will be a major part of this season?” Our Din is no longer a lone wolf figure. He is a DAD, he needs support, and I wonder how that support shows up this season.

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