The Mandalorian: Chapter 10

A Project Stardust Roundtable

We had a lot of feelings about this episode.  It was UNCOMFORTABLE on a few levels, so this is somewhat different than last week’s roundtable.

Things We Liked:

Guest Stars!

Anna: I loved seeing Dave Filoni back as Wolf. Also, OMG can we just have Amy Sedaris in EVERY episode. I loved watching her just take Dr Mandible, and by extension, Din, to the cleaners playing cards. 

MeaghanPaul Sun-Hyung Lee! As a fellow Canadian, I was extremely happy to see him joining the galaxy far far away as Captain Carson Teva. Everyone should go watch CBC’s Kim’s Conveniencewhile we wait for the next episode of The Mandalorian. Also nice to see Dave Filoni back on screen as Trapper Wolf.

Lauren: Also, the use of “May the Force Be With You” – What do you know about some Jedi shit? I think Project Stardust collectively wondered if we would hear this phrase in a close-to-ROTJ timeline. It would suggest how soon Jedi/Force lore dropped off within that universe. It would have had to be a commonplace saying, for a group of non-Force users to say it to each other and know how to respond, so one wonders how the stories of the Battle of Endor have ingrained into galactic culture. This may get more interesting when we see Din go look for a Jedi later in the season.

 The Krykna

Meaghan: The Krykna. As a rule, I’m not generally thrilled with giant, aggressive ice spiders on my screen but I have to appreciate the effects work on them. They are so believable and grotesque that I physically cringed away from the screen when they started hatching and chasing after our heroes. I also really liked the homage to the Alien franchise with all the eggs hatching.

Anna: I totally agree with everything you just said. I mean Peli Motto has such a Ripley look, and when paired with the eggs opening, I was practically crawling up my couch to get away. Mind you, I have no issues with spiders, but it was SO creepy. My roommate said there were several times I was kind of moving on the couch like I was incredibly uncomfortable and saying “Oh gods, more spiders…ACK!!”

We Have Feelings About The Frog Lady

Meaghan: There are many things I love about Frog Lady. The way she cares for her eggs by giving them her blanket. The way she practices self-care by bringing her eggs to an ice spider filled hot spring. The Mandalorian continuing to employ Misty Rosas. Dee Bradley Baker’s voice work. But I think what I love most about her is the way she stays up all night to hack into Q9-0’s head (good to hear Richard Ayoade’s voice again) just to give Din a piece of her mind. I hope they get to Trask in time, so her line continues.

Anna: I loved the Frog Lady. There was just so much to unpack here. Frogs in myth are super interesting because they represent so many things. I have to give a shout out to the What the Force podcast, because they break down myth and Star Wars really, really well, and you should definitely check the podcast out if you want to know more. Frog Lady and her husband could be the key to Din moving forward in his quest to find out where The Child belongs. I feel like Frog Lady, and by extension, this quest to get her to her husband, is the key to him moving forward. I have so many feelings about her eggs and The Child eating them. These eggs represent Frog Lady’s last hope at extending her line. I have seen so many women in my groups and on Twitter who are so hurt by what they see as a callous disregard for Frog Lady, her desperate quest to get to Trask and continue her line. I love Frog Lady, and I really hope her storyline is finished in a satisfying manner.

Lauren: I have many Frog Lady thoughts. I think we can draw some parallels between this storyline and the refugee/immigrant experience. She’s making some desperate decisions to ensure that her line continues and must entrust herself and her eggs in the hands of strangers whom she is not entirely sure she can trust. In the process of her own separate mission within the larger mission, she is trying to communicate her needs and continually being disregarded because she is not understood. If we allow ourselves to step out of the universe for a moment and reflect, isn’t this the way non-English speakers are treated in America? Where shared language is the key to access, it’s heartbreaking to see how Frog Lady is othered in this episode. UNTIL…she takes back her power by hardwiring the broken droid to be her voice. Like…*cry emoji*…Just because you don’t share a language does not mean that we get to ignore people. Quite frankly, in the last episode we had better public relations with the Tuskens so I’m not sure what Din’s problem was with empathizing a bit more with Frog Lady. But what a powerful moment when she made a way to speak for herself!

We Have Questions!

Lauren: Did anyone think you could ever be pissed off at Baby Yoda? He’s still very cute. So cute. Need 12 of him. But I’ve had a building suspicion about him ever since the Force choke he gave Cara Dune in Season 1. What if Baby Yoda goes dark? I believe it was meant to be a joke when he kept eating the Frog Lady’s eggs without too much consequence from Din (would it have killed anybody to just bring them up front?), but the disregard for Frog Lady and the idea that he was consuming the last of her kind even as The Child and the eggs have some shared stakes was a bit gross. There’s some ominous vibes in The Child. I didn’t want to say it out loud last season, but I think it’s time to put it out there as a possibility that he’s not a completely innocent party in this adventure.

Anna: I really feel what you’re saying in my soul. The Child could very easily go very, very, bad. The Mandalorian, as a show, is about what I call shades of gray characters.  No one is all good or all bad, though some are definitely much darker and some are much lighter. I feel this way about Rogue Oneand its characters, as well. I think one of the things Din needs to do is guide the child a little more about right and wrong. He doesn’t explain to The Child why he can’t eat the eggs, only that he can’t. He needs to explain the stakes so The Child can understand. I REALLY want to see what is going to happen next week, and I am hoping for more about Frog Lady.

Meaghan: After this episode, I’m mostly just left wondering what’s going to happen next week. I’m assuming we’re going to start next week on Trask with Din getting the information Frog Lady said her husband had about Mandalorians so where do we go after that? Last week ended with a big character reveal that sparked a lot of speculation. This week felt much more like a “creature of the week” episode and we’re left just wondering where this journey is going next.