The Mandalorian: Chapter 12

Project Stardust has decided to come together and do a weekly roundtable among Anna, Lauren and Meaghan. Every week we are going to talk about things we liked about each episode, and a question we have. These discussions will have spoilers, so read on if you are all caught up!

Things We Loved:

Return to Navarro

Anna: I was so excited to see Grandpa Greef (as one of our fellow Stardusters has dubbed him) and I really enjoy his character so very much. Carl Weathers’ directorial effort was definitely a fun outing. It was great to see Mythrol again (and he is a REALLY good shot!), but I kind of wonder if he is loyal to Greef or if he is going to stab him in the back at the first opportunity. The adventure in the base was fun, as was the banter, and I continue to really enjoy any storyline with Moff Gideon. I wish Din would have found some kind of clue as to where The Armorer has relocated, but that is because I love The Armorer. 

Meaghan: The banter between these three throughout added some much needed levity in an otherwise staid episode. I almost feel bad for Mythrol for the way they treat him but also he was good comic relief. Greef hasn’t changed much since we last saw him, so I was really just enjoying watching Carl Weathers work. He’s always a joy. Now, to be perfectly honest, I was really anxious about seeing Cara in this episode. With all the real-world disappointment in Gina I was almost certain that my enjoyment of Cara was in danger. It turns out that I’m very good at separating the character from the actor, and I honestly really loved Cara in this episode. The ending conversation she has with Teva hold us a lot about her character. It also opens a door to writing Gina off if that was something they were considering.

Anna: I had a lot of problems separating Gina and Cara.  I was lukewarm about her at best during this episode. It is really disappointing because I loved Cara last season, was so excited about learning more about a survivor of Alderaan, and now that joy is really tempered. I was happy to see more interaction with Teva.

Lauren: That was a nice little info drop at the end. Teva mentions that he believes there’s something happening and that it’s time to stay vigilant. I’m always interested in glimpses of what that looks like from outsider perspectives, meaning people who are not in leadership roles or directly involved in the fighting. Din, from a galactic standpoint, is pretty much minding his business – as is Cara. So while there wasn’t a lot of information, it was interesting to see how that kind of intel gets around to those outer regions of the galaxy.

Are we talking about cloning? I think we’re talking about cloning!

Meaghan: There have been theories about cloning floating around since we met Pershing last season and many fans noticed that he had a Kamino emblem on his sleeve. I’m very glad that the cloning project wasn’t as mundane as simply trying to clone the Child or something like that. I got very excited when I saw those tanks, full of what appears to be Snickles (Snoke pickles). With the reveal that Pershing needed the Child’s blood for the cloning project Moff Gideon is running, the stakes of this series have really been raised. To be completely honest I was wondering where this season was going. I didn’t see how they could stretch the whole season out to simply finding Mandalorians or, after finding some, finding Ahsoka. It was going to get repetitive if that was all we were doing but with this big twist everything just got a lot more interesting. Also… were those Dark Troopers at the end?

Anna: I have been wondering if The Child is a clone of Yoda. They could have gotten genetic material if they recovered Yoda’s cloak from his battle with Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, it’s possible. Given the time frame, and the experimentation, I wonder if we will see anything about the children that were being stolen from Rebellion leaders by what eventually becomes The First Order. I liked that they referred to it as an M-count rather than midi-chlorians. It just tickled me in the right way. And YES!! Dark Troopers?  Oh my!!

Lauren: This felt like an unassuming episode overall, however I think they dropped one of the biggest bombs so far this season in why they need The Child. From the comics, we know that the Emperor had been looking for Force-sensitive children. My best guess as to why really runs parallel to what you said, Anna, that they are trying to infuse midi-chlorians into the Clone DNA for an army of Force users. My excitement about this possibility cannot be contained because maybe this program was partially successful and maaaaaaybe this is how we have FORCE SENSITIVE FINN.

The Child

Meaghan: The Child was ADORABLE this week! I loved the opening when Din was trying to teach him how to rewire the ship to fix it. I very definitely laughed out loud when he electrocuted himself. That whole scene was very Rocket/Baby Groot and I’m not even mad about it because it was done so well. Also, can we just appreciate the space macaron? The Child using his Force Pull ability to steal the whole sleeve is incredibly relatable. And I’d also like to give a shout out to Grandpa Greef doting on the Child as soon as he sees him.

Anna: We apparently shared a brain for this one. I also loved Din trying to have The Child fix the wiring. It just made me so happy, even when he predictably electrocuted himself. The Child’s first Force Pull was also a heartstring moment, and I’m thankful that it wasn’t something that then tried to eat him this time. I was dying watching The Child’s joy in the Razor Crest chase scene. It was such a kid on a roller coaster moment, complete with the stomach distress. The Child was just super cute this week.  

Lauren: Yes!! Grandpa Greef Karga stuff was fun. Star Wars is fun! And it’s coming back around to one of its favorite themes of found family which always warms my heart. The single-dad-trying-to-make-things-work bits were very funny in this episode. It’s the wiping up the vomit with the cape that did it for me. 

We Have Questions

Anna: I guess I kind of touched on it above. I want to know what is going on with Pershing/Moff Gideon/the cloning project the Dark Troopers(?). There’s more to it and I am willing to bet that it is connected to the origin of The Child. I want to know who put the mechanic up to putting the tracker on Din Djarin’s ship. Will Moff Gideon find/expose Ahsoka and her potential network? Are they considering writing Gina/Cara off the show?  They certainly opened the door to it, as you said, Meaghan. 

Meaghan: With the reveal of the Imperial cloning project, my biggest question is how this is going to affect the story as well as how it will affect the galaxy as a whole. We know that eventually the supposed Snickles are viable, and where that branch of the program goes but what about the rest of the program? How do the Dark Troopers affect things? Are there other branches of the cloning project that we have yet to see? How is Din going to keep the Child safe now? Will Ahsoka be able to help them? Does the New Republic find out about the project? Do they try to shut it down? So many new questions now.

Lauren: This is barely connecting to the show’s actual themes, but I wonder how much of the live action shows, present and future, will translate into new products and attractions at Galaxy’s Edge. Are we going to be able to get seafood chowder and blue macarons in Batuu soon? Those would be pretty easy to incorporate. However, looking at the chase scene from this episode (those sick speeder bike drop-ins tho!), I wonder if we could possibly see more ride experiences that coincide with the show. Like…I would like more opportunities other than Smuggler’s Run to go pew pew. I can’t be alone in this!

Anna: I love the speeder bikes, so I would be SO DOWN FOR THAT!!

Thanks for joining us and we’ll be back next week!