Endor Forest Garland Tutorial


The holidays are here and that could only mean one thing: it’s time to go HAM on the crafting. Some people might be making galaxy wreaths, some people might be making Darth Vader Christmas trees, but us…we’re going to make ziplining Ewoks. It’s the perfect thing to leave up halfway through February until you’re fully ready to put away your seasonal décor. 

First, let’s get our supplies together:

• 6 sheets of felt in earthy colors

• Thread that matches each of these colors

• sewing needle

• scissors

• rice (or some other stuffing material)

• googly eyes

• twine

• hot glue gun and glue sticks

• garland

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Step 1: Trace and Cut Your Pattern

Click on the image for the full size template!

Think of each felt sheet as 1 Ewok. So if you want more or less Ewoks, get more or less sheets. You might also think of recycling some stuffed animals that are on their way out – defluff, wash, and let the fur dry before working with it. Most fabric will be fine, but I would probably avoid anything with stretch. I made a template that you can print and cut out. You’ll need two bodies, two ears, and two hoods from each color.  Only cut the hole out on one of your hood cutouts. If the body shape looks familiar, you guessed it…I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter to help me out. You can use one to help you make your own pattern if you’d rather make longer bodies for a Wookiee garland. Mix and match the hood colors with the body/ear colors so that all of your Ewoks have their own little personality. I pinned my combinations together so none of the small pieces would go missing.

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Step 2: Sew and Stuff Your Ewok Bodies

There wasn’t a nice way to say that. Hold your two Ewok body cut outs together and sew them up along the edge. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but remember that you’re going to stuff soon. Depending on what you use for stuffing, you may want your stitches closer together to make sure nothing escapes. You’ll want to start from the top of one arm and sew around the arms and legs to the top of the other arm, leaving the head open to insert your chosen stuffing material.

Let’s talk about the stuffing. I had a bag of brown rice from the time I thought I would be healthier, but discovered that I couldn’t deal with brown rice. It’s been sitting in my cabinet for two years now. This is the only way it was ever going to bring me joy. I like it because it adds a little heft to the Ewoks, which is what you want. You can use beans or any other grains. If you feel icky about using food in this way, beads would work. Actual polyfil would probably be my last choice because it’s not going to give you the weight you want, but you could always add in some washers or something similar along with it. You could also use a potpourri for a nice little scent kick.

You don’t need to fill up the legs and arms completely. The only purpose here is to give the Ewok some weight and a little belly. Once you’ve stuffed up to the neck, sew the head up to seal the body. Make sure your stitching is close to the edge to leave the face clear.

Step Three: Add the Hood and Ears

If you’ve decided to use a thicker fabric, like a fur, you’ll want to adjust to make the hood a little bigger. You’re going to sandwich the head between each hood piece. Add in the ears to the desired place on the head. Make sure the ears are placed behind the head so that they don’t show through the hood that has the opening. Sew along the edge, making sure you also sew in the ears when you get to them. You only need to sew from shoulder to shoulder, leaving the front and back to hang loose. I did not choose to, but it could be fun to decorate your hoods with a little embroidery or beading. Up to you!

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Step Four: Add the Eyes

Hot glue gun time! Most materials you could have chosen will be fine with the hot glue, but also will not be fine with plain elmer’s glue or glue stick if you don’t have a hot glue gun. You’ll need tacky glue at the very least. For my eyes, I used googly eyes because…what isn’t better with googly eyes? However, I can see that this project would be very cute with sewn on black beads for those classic, forever-unblinking peepers we all know and love. You could also use buttons. A safer option if you need to manage choking hazards in your household is to simply embroider them on. You can also embroider a nose and mouth too, if you like. I thought the Ewoks looked cute enough without though.

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Step 5: Measure and Apply Twine

Grab your garland and an ewok and pull some twine for yourself. Put the twine in one of your Ewok’s “hands”, pull the twine over the garland and put it in the other Ewok hand. Play around until you have your desired length and cut. Use this test piece of twine to cut a piece for the number of Ewoks you made. Mine ended up being about 14” long. You can put the garland to the side for now. 

Place the twine across one of the arms. It’s better when you have the end of the twine hanging out the bottom of the arm. Don’t place too close to the tip of the hand. When you have it where you want it, put a little dollop of hot glue and fold the “hand” over the rope. Do the same on the other side. Repeat with each Ewok. If you don’t have or didn’t want to buy a garland, you can stop here. These would make some rad ornaments or door hangers.

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Step 6: Hang Ewoks on Garland

Now you can hang your Ewoks at intervals along your garland. I preferred a sparse pine needle one with a little glitter for a snow in Endor look. Garlands can be expensive though. If the cost is prohibitive, you can unravel the desired length of twine. Cut two more of the same lengths of twine and braid them together for a stronger base. You can also get some green and red felt and cut out leaves and berries to make holly bunches to sew along the length of the string for a pop of color and festiveness. 

And that’s it! Now all that’s left to do is find the perfect place to hang your little piece of Endor Forest. Make sure to tag @theprojectstardust on Instagram with your own garland creations. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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