The Mandalorian: Chapter 14

Project Stardust has decided to come together and do a weekly roundtable among Anna, Lauren and Meaghan. Every week we are going to talk about things we liked about each episode, and a question we have. These discussions will have spoilers, so read on if you are all caught up!

Things We Loved

OMMFG It’s Slave I, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand

Anna: I was internally screaming with joy for most of this episode. I watched it three times in about 12 hours. I was so excited to see Boba and Slave I, and then Fennec. They kicked SO MUCH STORMTROOPER ASS!!! Boba took those Stormtroopers to school and shot things OUT OF HIS KNEE ARMOR. He took out those troop carriers LIKE THE BOSS HE IS. Ming-Na Wen’s work was so fantastic, especially that beautiful bent knee leap and shoot move was gorgeous. I love seeing badass women being REALLY badass. Clearly, swooning with joy over here. I can’t wait to see what they do in the next few episodes as they get the gang together to rescue Grogu!!

Meaghan: Temuera Morrison!! I mean…Boba Fett!! From the second he showed up on screen in the season premiere I’ve been wondering how Boba would be introduced to the larger story, and BOY WAS I NOT DISAPPOINTED! I was flailing around my living room from the second I saw Slave I show up on the screen. And all my squealing just got louder when Boba started kicking some major Stormtrooper ass! I might have temporarily lost consciousness when he got his armor back. Can we all just appreciate how great Tem looks? I am so happy to have him back in my Star Wars and I’m very much looking forward to seeing him kick more Imperial butt.

Lauren: Nothing fills me with more glee than an accurate guess at future Star Wars. I’m honestly the last one to be excited about Boba because I’ve said since the first season… absolutely do not want. However, I now think it’s safe to say that in Star Wars, if you didn’t see them burn or disappear in front of your eyes, they’re still alive (hi, Captain Phasma…wherever you are…). In a previous roundtable, we as a group we called a Fennec/Boba/Din partnership, and that had some big payoffs in this episode. Even though I wasn’t interested in Boba Fett coming back at first, I did really like him in this episode. I don’t know how much I like Fennec being in Boba’s service, though. Like…did they need to? However, it works and they’re all together now and there are two more episodes where we get to see a baddie at work. I’m into it.

Robert Rodriguez

Lauren: Come on Latinos behind the camera! I said last week I was excited for Rodriguez to come on board as a director. His body of work speaks to the fact that he knows how to move things along and serve a really good action sequence. What’s more, he’s good at directing women in action sequences. Someone made a gif of that scene where Fennec catapults off a rock with blasters blazing and it was beautiful. Also…the campy, delayed kaboom in the background after Boba downs the transports…so good. I knew he was capable and I’m glad he is sending us off to barrel through to the end of Season 2.

Anna: I’ve been a fan of Robert Rodriguez since I saw El Mariachi in the 90’s. Desperado is one of my favorite action films. He does stylized action SO VERY WELL. I am so happy they put this episode in his hands, especially since he was a later addition to the directing roster. 


Meaghan: Grogu reaching out in the Force was really cool! I’d love to see that scene from his perspective at some point. I’d really like to know what he saw, what he felt, and if he communicated with anyone. The Force field that surrounded him was also a good addition to up the stakes as Din tried to get them to safety. I know a lot of other people also noticed the blue butterflies around Grogu before he went into his trance. I freaked out when I saw them! I did a lot of freaking out this episode… Blue butterflies have been seen associated with both young Ben Solo (Star Wars Roll Out) as well as Darth Vader (Charles Soule’s Darth Vader #8) so there is obviously a large group of fans speculating about what the butterflies are symbolizing here. I also loved seeing Grogu beat up a couple of Stormtroopers! Even if it tired him out and made me sad. Moff Gideon obviously has to die now that he’s had Grogu stunned and shackled though, right?

Anna: As usual, Meaghan and I are sharing a mind. I know the blue butterflies are seen as messengers of The Force and we have seen them places like Endor and Naboo, and I am sure that there is an association to Ezra from Rebels, given his affinity for animals. The whole experience of seeing Grogu communing with The Force was so rad, and I agree that I want to see that from his perspective. Grogu smashing Stormtroopers was so cool, yet makes me worry about dark side influences. However, I am going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think Grogu will ever be a traditional Jedi. I think he will end up being a Mandalorian foundling with Force powers. I want him to eventually unite the Mandalorian Clans and lead them wielding the Darksaber. I know. It’s not likely, but it’s my now not-so-secret hope.

Lauren: In the last episode, it seemed like Grogu was as reluctant to continue down the path of the Force as Ahsoka was to teach him. I wasn’t sure what would happen when he got to the seeing stone, but I was a little surprised he chose to call out. So much fear. But fear can be overcome by love, can’t it? Perhaps love has transformed Grogu so that he is not as afraid to become what he is meant to be. Dark times are here though, and Dark Baby Grogu never hesitates to Force choke. We will undoubtably see him struggle more than ever in these next two episodes against the fear of losing what he loves, so I’m settling in for some shocking content.

 Din is Getting the Band Back Together

Meaghan: Din gathering up his posse. In the vein of flailing this entire episode, getting confirmation that Fennec Shand survived was a MAJOR high point of Chapter 14 and I can’t wait to see more of her as she, Boba, and Din rescue Grogu. I’m VERY intrigued that Din wants Mayfeld sprung from jail to help too. That’s going to be a very interesting reunion. Looking forward to that awkwardness. I also really loved Auntie Cara’s entire demeanor when Din told her Gideon had Grogu. She looked like she was ready to storm the castle all by herself. I can’t wait to see the whole team together and how they’re going to work together.

Anna: I am also really excited to see how it is going to go with Mayfeld. I sincerely hope that Cara joins them for the rescue mission, and I am interested to see if Grandpa Greef joins in as well. I am also hoping Din can entice Bo-Katan and her fellow Mandalorians to get involved. Telling her about the Dark Saber and Moff Gideon would certainly be a great motivator. 

We Have Questions

The Butterflies

Lauren: What’s going on with all these butterflies? I’m making it a personal mission to look back and see at what specific moments butterflies appear in Star Wars. I don’t think it’s an accident that they show up in this highly mystical place that practically vibrates with the Force. I looked up what butterflies mean in Eastern religions since Star Wars borrow the most from those beliefs and philosophies. I’m not done with my deep dive, but I found a story about a man who had a dream that he was a butterfly and when he awoke, he wondered if he was a butterfly having a dream that it was a man. The parable seems to point toward a sense of transformation to an awakened state, an awareness that reality is not always what it seems. But what really got me to perk up a little bit is my own knowledge of Mexican folklore where butterflies are the souls of loved ones who have passed. I feel like this is a likely interpretation of the butterflies; as Luke told us in The Last Jedi that no one is ever really gone.

Anna: So many questions about the butterflies. 

Meaghan: So, so many.

Saving Grogu

Meaghan: How is Din going to get Grogu back?? Seriously… how? I know we’ve got an AMAZING team-up happening as Din gathers his allies (and Mayfeld) but Gideon has scary Dark Troopers and a large Imperial Remnant contingent behind him. Are we going to lose someone in the battle? Who? I’m not prepared for this at all. This season got very serious very quickly. We’ve only got a couple of episodes left and I don’t know how I’m going to survive them.

Anna: I also want to know how they are going to save Grogu. Is this going to be an arc into the third season? Will we get most of our guest stars back together for this mission? Will Ahsoka join them? SO many questions about saving The Child. 

Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next week!!