A Checklist for Your Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Kelly Lynn Thomas

Need a way to keep track of all your Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake ornaments? We’ve got you covered with this handy spreadsheet! Catalog your ornaments, mark down what you paid, and not their condition all in one place!

Hallmark released the first set of Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments in 1996, a year before the release of the Special Editions. The next year, they began a new series that continues to today, now with twenty-three entries ranging from Luke Skywalker to General Grievous. 

I received my first Star Wars Keepsake ornament in 1999 from my grandmother, who continued to purchase them for me every Christmas until it became too much for her to keep track of. Even though I’m not a fan of the Christmas holiday, I love the memories I’ve built up over the years surrounding my ornament collection.

With more than twenty years of ornaments, I decided to catalog my collection this year and start filling in any I was missing.

I keep track of most of my Star Wars collections through spreadsheets on Google Drive—this way I can easily refer to them when I’m out and about and spot something I might want to add. In my searches for a complete list of Keepsake ornaments, I came up empty.

So I made my own checklist, and now I’m sharing it with you!

The ornaments, tree topper, and tree skirt in action!
This year we went with an Empire Strikes Back theme to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary.

About the Checklist

I used several websites that sell Hallmark ornaments as reference while developing this spreadsheet, along with my own (incomplete) collection. My list only includes Keepsake ornaments that can be purchased exclusively at Hallmark stores and through their website (or at Pop Minded booths at conventions), and it does not include any customizable or personalizable Keepsakes. 

The checklist is complete to the best of my knowledge. If you know of an ornament that’s missing, please let me know via Twitter or Instagram so I can add it!

The spreadsheet is divided into two tabs: full-size ornaments and mini/LEGO ornaments. It includes fields for the date the ornament was released, the title on the box, a box to check off what you have, price, type of ornament, condition, exclusivity, and notes. 

I have pre-filled type for (most of) the “Magic” ornaments, along with what type of power they use (battery, Keepsake cord, plugging into string lights). I’ve also left my notes on some of the ornaments (usually what film the ornament is from, or what outfit the character is wearing).

Feel free to download a copy and make any adjustments you need to make this spreadsheet work for you. You can also download it as a PdF here.

If you have any feedback, you can send a tweet or Instagram message to @kellylynnthomas with your suggestions.

I store my ornaments in plastic tubs when they’re not in use.

Future Updates

When Hallmark releases it’s 2021 ornament book, We’ll update this list and this post! That is also when we’ll incorporate any feedback we received. 

Merry Sithmas, and Happy Collecting!