Three Years On: A Weeklong Love Fest for The Last Jedi


This week marks three years of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Three years since we saw where Luke Skywalker had been all this time. Three years since we first met Rose Tico. Three years since we were thrust into the glittery, greed-fueled casinos of Canto Bight. Porgs! And so much more. 

The uniqueness of Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi is what sets it apart in the Star Wars universe, breaking the mold of the previous films in the saga to bring new dimensions to the characters we’d grown to love and the galaxy in which they live. When we were introduced to Rey, Finn, Poe and BB-8 (oh, and Kylo Ren) in The Force Awakens, there was a familiarity to the story. Even with different players sharing the screen with our beloved favorites (and eventually dominating the storyline), it seems as though fans felt a sense of comfort from the return of the Skywalker saga that we’d been missing for more than a decade. 

The Last Jedi changed all that. 

We’re not here to rehash the criticisms and complaints about The Last Jedi. Fans typically have strong feelings one way or another, but in my mind, part of what makes the film so special is that it’s about something more. 

Luke: Breathe. Just breathe. Now reach out. What do you see?

Rey: Light. Darkness. A balance.

Luke: It’s so much bigger.

It’s about more than just what you see. This (from Vox) sums up the spirit of The Last Jedi:

It is a movie about knowing what’s right and doing that, even though everything else in the universe is stacked against you. It is a movie about why you might start a rebellion against a fascistic order, rather than simply going along with the status quo. Part of the movie is about how the worst people in the universe aren’t even the First Order, but the rich profiteers who are happy to go along with whoever’s in power, so long as they keep making a few bucks.

Sounds familiar.

So to celebrate three years of The Last Jedi, Project Stardust is joining #SavingWhatWeLove Week, a fan-led effort to explore the moments that bring the film to life. Stardusters will share what we love most about The Last Jedi and Rian’s work, leading up to a virtual group rewatch on Dec. 19. Check back for our thoughts on each day’s theme and share your own on social using the #SavingWhatWeLove hashtag. 

Shout out to fellow fans @InFormalMajesty, @reylochriso, @secretreylo, and @sleemo for organizing this online lovefest of a film we all love!

You Can Find Each Day Below:

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Day 7: You Are Not Alone