My Favorite The Last Jedi Promotional Materials

Kelly Lynn Thomas

The Last Jedi is, in my opinion, the most visually striking and cinematically bold Star Wars film. From Crait, to the lightsaber fight in Snoke’s throne room, to Holdo’s stunning maneuver to save what was left of the Resistance, The Last Jedi is a feast for the eyes.

Aside from it’s gorgeous visuals, TLJ presents all of our main characters with critical moments of growth. Dan Mumford’s promotional mini posters, given away at AMC theaters for IMAX ticket holders over four Sundays, capture a few of these moments in swirls of color and inky lines.

I love the style and color of Mumford’s art, and how he manages to capture the spark of the Resistance despite their dire circumstances. I also love that he chooses quieter, less obvious moments to bring to life. There’s a sort of zen quality to his work that invites meditation on the scenes and the film as a whole.

First is Luke watching over Rey as she trains on Ahch-To. This mini poster captures Luke’s isolation and his concerns over training Rey while at the same time showing her determination to become a Jedi with or without Luke’s help. This is my favorite of the lot because of how much emotion it packs into such a small space.

The second poster demonstrates the impossible odds the Resistance is facing against the First Order. Here, we see the ski speeders facing off against the full might of the First Order AT-ATs. Their mismatch in firepower is obvious, but the downed TIE fighter on the right indicates there’s still hope—even if the odds are against our heroes. 

Week three’s poster immortalizes Finn’s fateful fight with Captain Phasma, giving us a beautiful visual of one of Finn’s defining moments. Here he literally and figuratively defeats his past and claims his place among his fellow Resistance fighters. 

And finally, we have the week four poster, showing Kylo Ren bowing to Snoke, surrounded by his Praetorian guards. The tension between Kylo, Snoke, and the guards is palpable in the art, and I love the stark color palette Mumford used on this one. 

It’s so easy for promotional materials to be cheesy, cheap, and/or chintzy, but these posters are high quality, solid, and do a great job of expressing key emotional moments. These aren’t on my walls yet, but rest assured, as soon as I’m able, they will be!

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