Project Stardust Holiday Traditions

Star Wars is at the heart of many family traditions, as Project Stardust explored in one of our earliest roundtables. As the holiday season winds down and people return to work, we wanted to pose a similar question: how does Star Wars feature in your holiday traditions? 

Lee: My family puts up a designated Star Wars tree with all the Hallmark Star Wars ornaments we’ve gotten over the years, plus others from the Disney parks. Plus, the toppier is a light-up Death Star that I made myself from the Death Star chip bowls that were released a few years back. And now I’m continuing the tradition with my own Star Wars tree in my new home – topped with Scallions, what we named one of our Grogu toys!

Scallions atop our tree.

Stephenie: When I lived abroad and started organising my first “grown-up” Christmas tree, I scoured the internet for Star Wars ornaments. My tree is now approximately 80% Star Wars, with random Disney and medieval marginalia ornaments mixed in. And I followed Lee’s example and added a Grogu to the top! Other than my tree, one of the things I always do with my family is watch the Saga starting New Year’s Eve to keep us going for the final countdown to the New Year! In the years I could not be home for Christmas or New Year, I would try to visit later in January and my Mom and I would go to Hollywood Studios for a day of Star Wars and stay for the fireworks and a special themed dessert bar. This year, my holiday trip to Hollywood Studios included a visit to Batuu and seeing a couple of my Project Stardust pals (with masks!).

Barbara: I think it’s fair to say my family would insist that I inject a little bit of Star Wars into every Holiday in our home, I dye my Easter eggs to look like Star Wars characters and Halloween might as well be called Empire Day in our house. However, Christmas and Star Wars are somehow intrinsically linked in our Winter Holiday Traditions. There are movie marathons, the occasional themed Christmas Tree, wrapping paper, gift card exchanges with other fans, and when the year is especially generous we have a new movie to see in the theater around that time which becomes part of the holiday festivities. Still there are two traditions that we would adhere to every year, however sadly we are unable to fulfil one this time around. That is the annual trip to Disneyland at Christmas time. Years before Batuu West opened up, even before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, our family would make our way to Anaheim at Christmas time to visit with Darth and the Troopers and to ride Star Tours. Last year, of course, I was there for Batuu West which was just a dream come true, but sadly as we all understand, that’s just not meant to be this year. However, my favorite Holiday tradition is to sit around the table and play games with my family. My favorite game is a version of “Love Letters” my daughter had created for us many years ago, but Star Wars themed of course. In our version the winning card is Princess Leia. My daughter created a little draw string pouch made out of Star Wars  material to keep the pieces in, she hand drew the tokens and had someone else create the cards for her. It is one of my most prized possessions, and one of my favorite things to do at Christmas.

Liv: Christmas is a good excuse to stay indoors doing arts and crafts – that is true every year, but especially in 2020, the year of perpetual social distancing and quarantine. Last weekend, Stardusters gathered via Zoom for a crafts hangout, and I worked on Lauren’s Ewok garland. Seeing as Project Stardust is by far the best thing to come out of this year for me, this is a new Christmas tradition that I hope will continue for years to come. As much as Christmas is about family – which usually makes it a sad time for me, for reasons – much of Star Wars is specifically about found and chosen family… and this year, my love of Star Wars (or the Force?) led me to find Project Stardust – my big beautiful Star Wars family. My life, and this Christmas, is so much brighter for it

We hope that your 2021 is full of light and Star Wars joy!