Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising: Life Day Edition

Salutations Stardusters! Tis I, Professor Porg, connoisseur and scholar of relics from a galaxy far far away. It is a little known fact but Porgs are quite the authorities when it comes to the odds and ends found through a mystical path called Merchandising. Our beloved galaxy has a plethora of this Merchandising and I have made it my avian quest to find the greatest pieces throughout the galaxy and talk to the beings that love them. I have met with the Stardusters and was given a very persuasive presentation on sharing my knowledge with the Project.

With the recent Life Day holiday season, a season of giving throughout the galaxy in many cultures and planets, I have gathered some of the favorite items that have been added to collections. My keen eyes have selected the following items among the Project’s archives, to share and highlight for my fellow beings. The Stardusters who found them have helpfully provided information on their items as well.

Anna’s Life Day Rebellion

It is hard for me to pick one thing. My mom gave me a beautiful Leia mug. My brother has purchased the Bespin Lamp from the Star Wars Celebration Store for me, which I am so looking forward to receiving. I love art, especially Star Wars art, so it follows that art is my favorite thing. “Save the Rebellion, Save the Dream” by Sharm Murugiah is beautiful, and a fantastic addition to my Rogue One wall. It has a black background, with a holofoil silkscreen, and can be purchased here. I love laying on my couch and looking at it, the colors changing depending on where I am sitting and on which lights are on in my house. 

Professor Porg Note: I could simply stare at the shifting colors forever. So, so shiny… 

Ash’s Life Day Armory

This print was one of my favorite things that I received this year because it’s so well done and captures the Armorer perfectly. I couldn’t wait to get it framed and it’s such an eye-catching piece of art. I love having it on my wall! 

Professor Porg Note: I wonder if the Armorer is fond of porgs, I have always been interested in their smithing practices.

Jennie’s Life Day Droid

Built on Batuu!

I received my favorite Life Day gift a bit early this season. To be fair, it was in the form of a Batuuian Spira to build my own Life Day gift, a Droid. May I present R8D9. I was able to build him at the Droid Depot at Galaxy’s Edge East earlier in December. He’s named in memory of my Grandfather, Rudy (on a phone U is 8 and Y is 9). My Grandfather was always a helper, protector, navigator (through streets and life), and hard worker, just like Droids are. I’m excited to have R8 at home where he’ll live a cushy life!

Professor Porg Note: R8D9 seems to be a loyal droid already, and I’ve met some droids in my life!  And lucky to have found his home with Jennie!

Barbara’s Life Day and Yuletide Treasures

My husband has always been supportive of my infatuation with all things Star Wars, even though he favors that otherSpace Saga. However, this past holiday I was stunned to learn that my 59 year old and, I’ll say it, computer illiterate husband, discovered Etsy and he surprised and thrilled me with two enchanting enamel pins for Christmas.

Ahsoka Lives Enamel Pin by Galactic Outsider

This beautiful pin captures the moment Ahsoka is left to grieve for her fallen comrades. A moment that left me in tears when watching the final season of Clone Wars. I am so touched that my husband was paying such close attention to me as I watched this scene.

This pin is truly a Masterpiece. The iconic mask is hinged to reveal the beautifully freckled face of the fearless Enfys Nest. I was speechless to receive this incredible pin.

Carrie & the Cow Tongue by Lindsay van Ekelenburg

Then last but certainly not least I was given the most delightful print by my Mysterious Maz for Life Day. This print celebrates the moment our beloved Carrie sent a cow’s tongue to an unnamed predatory producer. The story goes that upon hearing of an attack by this Producer on her friend she responded by sending him this gift noting “should he ever touch her friend again she would deliver something of his in an albeit smaller box.” 

I love this print, it made me laugh and is absolutely beautiful and when I look at it I remember how truly remarkable Carrie was. Thank you Patty… I mean “wink wink” Mysterious Maz.

Professor Porg Note: An absolute trove of a collection!  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, though I am partial to sparkly metal. 

Patty’s Life Day Lightsaber

(Well, Almost)

Scavenged on Batuu

Due to Galactic Plague, I have been unable to make my way to Black Spire Outpost as planned.  There were contacts I had in place that had been seeking out a yellow kyber crystal, rare and one that specifically called to me through the force.  Unknown to myself, my mother managed to smuggle it past First Order troops while abiding by proper galactic quarantine measures.  Life Day morning my kyber lit up, safe in my hands. Now I just need to build my saber to match!

Professor Porg Note: I might not know the force, but I do know the absolute gem of kyber.  What a find!

And there you have it! A Plethora of Life Day Loot! However a porg’s work is never done, nor is a professor’s. I shall continue to scour the archives for more of this Merchandising and bring back what can be found. There is a wide and vast galaxy at our feathertips.