The Mandalorian: Chapter 16 and Season Wrap-Up

Project Stardust has decided to come together and do a weekly roundtable among Anna, Lauren and Meaghan. Every week we are going to talk about things we liked about each episode, and a question we have. These discussions will have spoilers, so read on if you are all caught up!

Things We Loved:

The Lady Squad

Anna: OMG the ladies rocked! They worked together so, so well despite not knowing each other very well. It was the first time this season I could separate Cara Dune and Gina Carano and I was THRILLED. Fennec was amazing. Koska and Bo-Katan made me want to swoon. They were just fantastic, and I loved that Din and Boba listened and followed the plan. I am hoping that we get more of this next season.

Meaghan: There are few things I love more than watching a group of badass women kicking some major ass and this episode DELIVERED! I don’t even have that much to say about this. It just filled me with all kinds of joy to watch Fennec, Cara, Koska, and Bo-Katan kicking all kinds of Stormtrooper butt all the way to the bridge. I love that Boba and Din just absolutely knew that the women were the best choice to wreak havoc while Din snuck to the holding cell to get Grogu. I love all of this. I hope we get more excellent girl power in the future.

Lauren: I loved the moment where Fennec saved the Twi’lek in Bib Fortuna’s lair. It’s something I feel like Leia would have done for Oola if the timing were different. It just speaks back to that galactic girl power that we saw in the middle of the episode where women are looking out for each other. The whole reason Fennec and Boba are there in the first place is for justice, and it was nice to see that play out in more ways than one. I also just really love Fennec and want more of her. I hope we get more speaking parts for her in The Bad Batch and now The Book of Boba Fett.

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Din Removes the Helmet for Grogu

Meaghan: I WASN’T CRYING! YOU WERE CRYING!! Din’s growth this season has been amazing. In just eight short episodes he goes from fighting with Bo-Katan because she clearly isn’t a REAL Mandalorian as she shows her face, to showing HIS face to an entire room of Imperials, to showing EVERYONE his face so he could say a proper goodbye to Grogu. That moment Grogu touched his face broke me. Pedro’s acting, as usual, was stellar. I was legitimately ugly crying. Din better get his son back in a reasonable timeframe.

Lauren: I don’t think I would have guessed that the separation of Grogu and Din would happen this soon. In fact, I would maybe have called it in the other direction with Grogu choosing not to go the way of the Jedi. I think Stardusters were split down the middle on that. Once we realize that Din may not see Grogu again, we could have seen another moment like what we saw in the first season, where Din makes the hand-off in the detached way of someone that lives and acts alone, but that’s not the case. The mission is complete, but instead of retreating into old ways, Din makes himself very vulnerable in taking off his helmet for Grogu. Growth. Love has transformed him and it’s beautiful.

Anna: I agree with both of you. The ugly crying was so, so ugly. And of course, I watched this episode at work and sobbed. It was beautiful. The emotional evolution of Din has been so impressive. I am so happy for Pedro Pascal being given the opportunity to sink his teeth into such a great role. I am really interested to see where they go next season and when Din and Grogu will be reunited. 


                        Lauren: *X-Wing flies in*                       Me: Who?

*Grogu perks up*                     Me: Wait…

*Green lightsaber shown*         Me: *covers mouth* OMG!

*Gloved hand shown*               Me: *confusing mix of screaming/laughing/crying for the next 15 minutes*

Okay…I have seen mixed reactions online about the fact that Luke shows up in The Mandalorian. All I have to say is WHO ELSE COULD IT HAVE BEEN THAT WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE???? Maybe one or two people, though I have a feeling that they are tied up in another corner of the universe and perhaps we will get to see them in Ahsoka. It makes perfect sense for Luke to be there, and it makes perfect sense that he would be the one to hear the call and be willing to take on a Padawan. The timeline is what it is and we are extremely close to ROTJ. I don’t think there was another choice that would have had as much impact…certainly not an unknown-to-us Jedi. Not at this point in the show. In order for this to mean something to us, we would have had to have met this person already. The groundwork just wasn’t there for it. To me, this whole scene was perfect and meaningful and how I wanted to see Luke Skywalker again. And that HALLWAY SCENE. The way it mirrors the Rogue Onehallway scene was magnificent. I’ve seen this episode five times already and it still just gives me goosebumps.

Meaghan: Okay, I’m going to start with a probably controversial statement and say that in my opinion, Luke was the least interesting and most predictable choice for the Jedi to come get Grogu. I kind of wish that they had taken this opportunity to bring in either another Jedi from the games or animated series or to introduce someone else who maybe survived the Purge. HOWEVER… that doesn’t mean I didn’t absolutely enjoy the hell out of Luke just destroying some Dark Troopers. I found it really interesting that Luke is still very much in his “dark Luke” phase he had going in Return of the Jedi. I doubt we’re going to see Luke again anytime soon, because the series seems to be pivoting to focus on maybe reclaiming Mandalore now that the Darksaber is back in Mandalorian hands, but I do really hope we get to see more of Luke at some point in the future. It would be neat to peek in at Grogu’s training. Maybe a quick glimpse at Luke establishing his temple. Not holding my breath for it but it would be neat to see more of Luke in this era at some point.

Anna: I echo what you both said. Dave Filoni talks about earned appearances, and I am not sure that this was earned, though I don’t know what other choice could have been made. It has been 30 years since Order 66, so many of the Padawan survivors would be around their mid-40s and younger Knights their 50s and 60s, and they have been actively hunted, but it is well within the realm of possibility that another Jedi could have answered Grogu’s call. This does not take into account any that might have cut themselves off from the Force. I was hoping for a different Jedi, but Luke was AMAZING!!! I loved watching him dispatch the Death Troopers with such ease, and I was SCREAMING WITH JOY at the parallel to Darth Vader’s invasion of the Rebellion ship at the end of Rogue One

As part of our season wrap up, we’re talking about our overall favorites!

Favorite Episode of the Season

Lauren: It was hands down “The Rescue”. It was essential Star Wars with HOPE written all over it. I also really liked “The Heiress” because it gave us the happy ending for Frog Lady, the introduction of Bo-Katan and the storyline of the Darksaber. And HELLO Koska Reeves, you beautiful, competent warrior!

Meaghan: It’s gotta be “The Rescue,” right? It had everything! A badass female fighting squad, scary Dark Troopers, a great duel, a great hallway scene for Luke, Din showing his face to Grogu. It was just such a good season finale. My close runner up is definitely “The Believer”, though. It was such a simple episode but it had such good character arcs for both Din and Mayfeld that it was one of the more enjoyable and satisfying episodes.

Anna: This is really very hard for me. “The Tragedy” was probably my favorite. It is definitely the episode that I watched the largest number of times. For me it was the most “HOLY SHIT” episode. The action was fantastic, the real return of Boba Fett and the three of them working together was just awesome. The terror at losing Grogu was so palpable. I really enjoyed it. Runner up is “The Marshal”, because of Timothy Olyphant and the cooperative spirit of the Tusken Raiders and the humans on Tatooine. It was thrilling for me on so many levels.

Favorite Fight Scene of the Season

Anna: OMMFG I bow to the awesomeness of Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand. I love the way Robert Rodriguez shoots fight scenes. That bent leg leap and shoot, the pushing boulders in an homage to that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. BOBA FETT KICKING ASS AND SHOOTING THINGS OUT OF HIS KNEE ARMOR. I was dying with joy. “The Tragedy” wins for me. 

Meaghan: “The Tragedy”! Din and Fennec taking on the troopers only to have Boba show up in his full armor and completely decimate the squadron was perfection. I enjoy a good fight scene but I don’t normally get super emotional about them at all. I was cheering and flailing all through that fight scene, especially after Boba armored up. It was amazing.

Lauren: I will never stop loving Fennec Shand pushing off those rocks and shooting her blaster at Stormtroopers on the way down. The whole scene had a lot of really cool moments that were well-directed, but this one will stay with me. 

Favorite Single Episode Guest Star of the Season

Meaghan: Bill Burr as Mayfeld. I know I gushed a lot about him in the discussion for “The Believer” but it has to be repeated. I did not expect to get emotional about Mayfeld, and Burr managed to completely humanize him and make him a sympathetic character. I’m a sucker for a good redemption arc and Mayfeld’s was GOOD. Burr’s acting was top notch and even though I doubt we’ll see him again, I’d love for him to show up somewhere in the future.

Lauren: I loved Migs Mayfeld this season. I thought that Bill Burr did an amazing job with his acting choices this time around. He turned the character around to show some humanity, and reminded us that every person we see in Star Wars is a whole person living out their own adventure in their own corner of the galaxy, contributing in small ways to the movement of the larger story that we are paying attention to.

Anna: This is so hard. I love Timothy Olyphant as a lawman more than I can really express. That being said, Mayfeld contributed SO MUCH to helping Din move forward and in doing so, showed so much empathy. We learned so many things about Space Boston in this episode, and he really proved he has a heart of very tarnished gold. 

Looking Forward to Next Season

Meaghan: It feels like we’re really switching to focus almost exclusively on the Mandalorians as a people and the reclaiming of Mandalore. That’s going to be very exciting if that’s where we’re going. I’m interested to see how Din’s decision to show his face is going to affect both him as a character and his relationship with other Mandalorians. I hope we see him come back into contact with the Armorer. That would be a great confrontation. Also, as has been pointed out by MANY people, I’m confused about how Bo-Katan can just take the Darksaber from Sabine but suddenly she can’t take it from Din. I hope we get some more clarity on this, and I also hope that we see some growth from Bo around what it means to be Mandalorian and how to gain legitimate rule of her people. With Din seemingly starting to turn his back on his creed it would be nice to see Bo-Katan update her ideas as well. I was also hoping we’d see more of Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, but with them getting their own show I’m guessing they won’t be seen much (although I’d still love some guest spots). I would be surprised if we saw Grogu much this next season. I’d love to peek in on him to see how his training is going but I’m not holding out much hope that they’ll have time to cover that much. Overall I’m just very excited to see where everything is going and can’t wait until next December!

AnnaI also think we’re going to Mandalore next season and am interested to see what happens when Din is reunited with other Children of the Watch. I would love to see our more evolved Din interact with the Armorer, who is clearly very important to Children of the Watch. I don’t know how she will take his evolution as a person and that could be problematic given her goddess-like status within their clan. I think in terms of why Bo-Katan couldn’t take the Darksaber from Din as she did from Sabine, it may be that Bo-Katan lost the Darksaber in battle and can only reclaim it now through battle. Part of me wants to see Din be the one who ultimately reunifies all of the Mandalorian clans, though I think that would impede the story overall and I think Din would not be very happy leading. 

Lauren: I’m actually not sure if we’re going to see Grogu in Season 3. As much as this was basically his show, I think now we’re ready to really turn our attention to Din. I expect to dig deeper into Mandalorian history and lore. I expect that we will see the consequences of the transformation that Din has gone through with the Children of the Watch. Based on absolutely nothing at all…I would guess that Din does not actually want to hold all the power that the Darksaber brings. The faction he belongs to will want to have that power and may try to hold him accountable to The Creed. Bo-Katan and her group will also want this power…obviously. So Din will have some inner turmoil of who to give allegiance to…those who raised him or the ones whom he may see as his future.

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