A Love Letter to the Lady Squad of The Mandalorian

A Project Stardust Production: Project Stardust has come together to heap love upon the Lady Squad that successfully assaulted Moff Gideon’s ship in the final episode of season two of The Mandalorian

Dear Lady Squad, Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau,

I adore all of the ladies of The Mandalorian. I am thrilled that Bo-Katan Kryze, Koska Reeves, Fennec Shand and Cara Dune were written and embodied in such a fantastic way. No one questions Bo-Katan as she lays out the plan to assault the ship. The Lady Squad made mincemeat out of the Stormtroopers, and worked together so, so well, despite not having trained together. You were just general badasses. The Squad made it look easy to take an Imperial ship. I was finally able to separate Gina Carano from Cara Dune, and I enjoyed Cara onscreen for the first time this season. 

Carasynthia Dune is a force to be reckoned with, even with a jammed gun. Mercedes Varnado, also known as Sasha Banks in WWE, thank you for bringing a super stylized style of fighting as a Mandalorian. Katee Sackoff, we love and thank you for your dedication to bringing Bo-Katan to live action after being her voice for so many years. I cannot wait to see you retake Mandalore. Ming-Na Wen, thank you for being the fantastic lady warrior that you are. Of this group, Fennec Shand is definitely my favorite and I am so looking forward to seeing her kick more ass in The Book of Boba Fett next year. 

Thank you for giving us more ladies of action, in the spirit of Padme, Ahsoka, Jyn, and Leia.


Dear Space Girl Squad, 

Thank you for showing us that Girl Power isn’t just holding a blaster. Girl Power is also watching out for each other. It’s a feature often neglected on screen, but it’s the heart of how we’re able to make it through tough situations. When Cara’s blaster jams and Fennec says, “I got you,” Fennec isn’t just displaying a confidence in her skills as a sharpshooter. She’s making it clear that she’s there for her friend. When more storm troopers arrive Cara and Fennec turn around without flinching because they have trust that Bo-Katan and Koska not only have their backs but that they are skilled enough to handle all of the troopers coming their way. They don’t even need to lift a finger because their sisters will take care of them, no question about it. 

The perfect trust you have in each other and in your own individual abilities filled me with so much joy as I watched the finale episode. I hope it gives little girl squads everywhere a blueprint for how we should see each other. There are more of us and we are stronger when we act together.



Dear Lady Squad,

In Star Wars there’s a history of powerful women–intelligent, strong, badasses who aren’t afraid of getting dirty when the opportunity calls: Leia, who leads a rebellion in the wake of the loss of everything she loves and grows from princess to general; Padme, who time and again places herself in danger for the people she cares about personally and for the whole of the galaxy; Jyn, who faces trauma and sacrifices herself to set the galaxy on a path to freedom; Rey, who finds family and saves everything to save them; and so many more amazing characters with colorful and varied stories. Ladies like Cara, Bo, Koska, and Fennec with even more stories to tell. Watching Mando gather that group of intelligent, strong, badasses to single handedly take over an entire light cruiser was incredible. It gave me an instant emotional reaction. My throat tightened, I got quiet for a moment, and then I watched every move, every shot, every swing of the butt end Cara’s rifle as it bounced off Stormtrooper buckets. They conquered that light cruiser with singular focus and the skill of highly trained warriors fully in sync with one another despite their different backgrounds. And not one of them is there because they feel beholden to Mando, they each have their own reason to assist him. It’s an equal exchange of actions—Cara for her hatred of Imperials and her affection for Grogu, Fennec for the bond of her word, and Bo and Koska for the cruiser and the Darksaber and the hope of regaining Mandalore. All stories which will continue as the universe expands into the future. 

That girl squad team up got me right in the feels, and I cannot wait to follow their stories.


To the Ladies of Star Wars,

I fell in love with Star Wars by watching the movies as a kid, and at the time, there was one main female character – Leia. I love Leia, and I always will, as the one woman who was giving orders and leading the rebellion in a universe full of men. Sure, there were plenty of other cool characters, but when I think about the Star Wars universe today, I love that we have amazing characters like Rey, Rose, and Ahsoka to idolize along with Leia. So when these four badass women move their way through an enemy ship and take over the bridge? Shock and awe! This is a moment I didn’t know I had been dreaming about since I first saw Star Wars. You see an entire group of women who are not only interacting with each other but bringing that same spirit we first saw in a galaxy far, far away from Leia’s standpoint. They are bold, brave and fighting for what’s important to them while also supporting Din’s mission of rescuing Grogu. They are so strong they can destroy anyone in their path. Moments like these are how we keep the fandom growing, by giving young girls role models who they might want to pretend to be and giving older fans like me cool women to root for, who are just as important to the story and the Star Wars universe as anyone else.



To the Lady Squad of The Mandalorian,

There is something special, something so uniquely satisfying in seeing four women kicking this much ass together. It isn’t every day that one gets to experience it, after all. This quartet seems especially well-matched; they form their team so seamlessly; one might think this was a partnership many years in the making. With diverse backgrounds, carrying different weapons, and utilizing individual tactics and skillsets, they complement each other beautifully in the face of a common enemy. Just four women, each of them awesome on their own, coming together to compose a perfect symphony of violence. It’s a dream come true.

Watching these four capable, courageous, competent women kill and maim their way through a Star Destroyer is nothing short of dreamy. They barely speak to one another, and they don’t seem to need to, either – the flow of their assault is natural, played by ear, and stems from years of hard-earned experience. Their triumphant teamwork is made even better by the fact that no one is given license to doubt their capability nor their authority – what a female power fantasy! 

As someone who did martial arts as a girl, and who was always underestimated or disregarded offhand as a fighter by male peers solely because of my gender, I cannot cheer loudly enough for this unrivaled team-up.

This squad goals moment is one of the most effortlessly feminist sequences I have seen in Star Wars to date, and it makes my heart sing. I need a spin-off with these four legends just kicking Imperial remnant ass. Sabine can come, too!

Thank you for saving the dream,


Dear Fennec, Cara, Bo-Katan, and Koska,

I have never seen anything like you before in my life. Logically I knew it could happen. All of you had run into Din through his adventures. All of you had attachment to either his quest, the child, or to Gideon. All of your reasons were different, but they coalesced so perfectly, I did not dare hope. There were other allies that could be found, other faces pulled in from our two seasons of adventures following the Mudhorn clan of two.

The moment it struck me fully was the wide shot in the cockpit of Slave 1. I counted. There were more women in this scene than men. And they were all, every one of them, warriors in their own rights. All of them were there because they had shown who they were, what skills they had, and they had all joined willingly. 

And they talked. It seems such a simple thing, hearing another woman’s voice. Hearing the voice of many women in a conversation, in a plan of attack. But it is not simple. It is not simple in the way it made my heart warm in my chest, in the hope for my niece watching and never knowing this scene as anything other than simple storytelling, in the joy of the child within me who delighted every time Xena and Gabrielle planned and attacked and overcame.

Then came the action. All of you fight so differently and yet perfectly together.  Fennec holds herself as a sniper, Cara as a heavy trooper, Bo and Koska as Mandalorian warriors. Even in the way they hold their weapons as they push forward, you can see their individual histories, the hints at a richer galaxy that we are scratching the surface of. Women who fought wars on different sides, together for different reasons, but unified in their purpose of the moment. 

That is poetry in motion. You are poetry. All four of you together. You caught my breath and then gave it back. 

I want to see more of you. I want to see more of people like you, more of people who are different, the grand tapestry of the galaxy being filled in with new faces where this is simple. Where four women taking down troopers together is just common sense. There would never be a reason for it to not happen. Thank you for giving me a taste. Thank you for making me hungry for more. 


Fennec Shand. Cara Dune. Bo Katan. Koska Reeves,

I first noticed it inside Boba’s ship. Then again when they took over Gideon’s cruiser. Then once more after they overtook the bridge. Mando had gathered the best team in the galaxy to rescue his son and they all just happened to be women. Has that…ever happened before on a show with a male lead? I can’t think of one. And that’s why it struck me. No one commented on it, it wasn’t out of place. They were just the right people for the job. I know I wasn’t the only person with a smile on their face and tears in their eyes when I saw it, and I can’t WAIT to see it again!

Thank you for this