I Love You, I Know: A Project Stardust Valentine Round Table

Darth Maul is red

Aayla is blue

Nothing is more romantic

Than Valentine’s Day on Batuu

Whether you have a significant other or not, I think we can all agree that the ultimate Valentine bae is Star Wars. Some of us at Project Stardust came together to talk about our favorite Star Wars moments that had us in our feelings. 

This time we were joined by guest contributor, Patience Randle.

(Lucasfilm/Disney; edit by Lauren Salerno)

Who is your favorite canon couple in Star Wars?

PATTY: *Cough*cough* Kalluzeb *cough*. I mean Kanera. Or both.  

ANNA: Han and Leia or Obi-Wan and Satine. It’s a tie.

BRYN S.: Han and Leia continue to be the ultimate Star Wars couple for me. I love how Han tries so hard to pretend he didn’t fall in love with Leia the moment she sassed him and how Leia sees that despite all Han’s protests to the contrary. He’s a good man who wants to do the right thing.

STEPHENIE: Han & Leia.

PATIENCE R.: Hera and Kanan. Their relationship gives me life. I feel like they are the ultimate cool couple. The kind of couple that doesn’t mind if you tag along. You’d never feel like the third wheel with them. They’d just make you feel right at home. Home, that’s what Kanan and Hera feel like.

LINDSAY: Han and Leia! Mostly just because they have been my original favorites. 

STACI: My fave couple is Anakin and Padme…for the tragedy of it. 

LAUREN: Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell. Lost Stars is Star Wars content that never apologizes for being largely about romance. Yes, the action sequences and other plot points in the book are fantastic, but the meat of the story is really about Ciena and Thane and it gets so steamy. It always feels like Star Wars and this romance never stops giving me butterflies.

(Lucasfilm/Disney; edit by Lauren Salerno)

What is your favorite romantic dialogue scene?

PATTY: “I love you…I know” but from Return of the Jedi! I love the knowing smile on Leia’s face and the near breathlessness of Han’s declaration. Instead of a confession of desperation and pain, it’s one of love, warmth and awe. The callback, the situation change and how it shows the growth of both characters from the first one. Ugh! That’s the stuff! 

ANNA: Hilariously, I don’t feel like there’s a lot in the films. Leia and Han spend a lot of time bickering, often with Leia taking charge of something. In Return of the Jedi, during the assault on Endor, Leia was shot. Han bends down to check on her, Imperials surround them, she pulls out her blaster. Han says “I love you” and Leia says “I know”, then shoots all the Imperials. I don’t know how romantic it is, but I enjoy it! In the books, the short story Amara Kel’s Rules for TIE Pilot Survival (Probably) by Django Wexler is my favorite romance, in part because Amara breaks all of her rules for her love, Howl.

BRYN S.: Han and Leia’s first kiss on the Falcon. The tension just crackles between them! She wants so badly not to want him, and he is ready to sign wedding papers before they’ve even kissed. The extended kiss scene—where she initiates a second kiss—makes it very clear that she is just as interested in Han as he is in her.

STEPHENIE: “I love you…I know!” It’s a classic. I love the reversal of it and the references to it across the movies.

PATIENCE R.: I’ve always enjoyed all of Han and Leia’s romantic dialogue scenes due to the fact that they are both two very strong, independent individuals. You can tell it’s hard for them to express their feelings despite how much they love each other. I can totally relate to this. I wanna express all my feels, but sometimes I just can’t! This is why it’s so good to have a partner who can be the “I know” to your “I love you”.

LINDSAY: “No matter how much we fought, I’ve always hated watching you leave.” Leia says this to Han as he is leaving for Starkiller Base but I think it tells the story of their entire relationship and how much they care for each other!

STACI: In Attack of the Clones when they think they are going to die in the arena, Padme tells Anakin she loves him truly, deeply. Gaaah! The music swells! 

LAUREN: Han and Leia have some great lines, but omg…Han and Qi’ra! There’s that whole scene they have in Lando’s cape closet where Qi’ra is trying to hold back because she thinks Han will never understand the decisions she’s had to make and he tells her, “Nothing’s going to change the way I’m looking at you.” He is such a soft boi!

(Composer John Williams conducting the Boston Pops at Tanglewood. via masslive.com; edit by Lauren Salerno)

Who has the best music theme for their relationship?

PATTY: Han and Leia probably, though I love the Rebels score a whole lot too. 

ANNA: Anakin and Padme, for sure. 

BRYN S.: Breaking with my Han and Leia love, I’m actually going to say I love the theme between Rey and Ben Solo at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. That swell of sound when she realizes that Ben has truly come back to the Light just catches in my chest every time.

PATIENCE R.: Padme and Anakin, hands down. The Across the Stars theme lives rent-free in my head and will be played when I walk down the aisle. 

LINDSAY: Across the Stars…so Anakin and Padme! It’s so dramatic and in some ways conveys passion and pain at the same time. 

STACI: Anakin and Padme! 

LAUREN: I am going to give this one to Han and Leia. Maybe it’s nostalgia but their love theme just hits me right in the feels every time.

What is your favorite ship?

PATTY: FinnRey. I love the idea of two people who had everything stripped from them, who found each other and immediately connected, who feel each other through the Force through their own care and connection. Two people who can bring two different viewpoints to rebuilding the Jedi but who both know the danger and blessing of connection and how to correct that failing of the past. Finn and Rey are reflections of light to each other and I love it so much. 

ANNA: Obi-Wan and Satine. I call them a ship because we know virtually nothing about their relationship.

BRYN S.: Oh, dangerous question! I can’t choose. Han/Leia, Rey/Ben, Finn/Poe, Jyn/Cassian…I love them all!

STEPHENIE: Sequel Trilogy Polycule with Finn, Rose, Rey, and Poe.

PATIENCE R.: Qui-Gon Jinn and Shmi Skywalker! I can’t get over the looks they exchange in The Phantom Menace. They’re just so…INTO each other. 

LINDSAY: Finn and Poe. 

STACI: Finn and Poe seemed to have a good connection in The Force Awakens.

LAUREN: I’m not big on shipping, but there is something about Kylux. Like, it’s just chaotic enough to work.

(Lucasfilm/Disney; edit by Lauren Salerno)

Which characters do you like to put together in your head even though the probability of becoming canon is highly unlikely?

PATTY: Holdo and…just about anyone!  

ANNA: StormPilot (Finn and Poe).

BRYN S.: Weirdly, mine is GingerFlower (General Hux and Rose Tico). I read some amazing fanfic out there on Archive of Our Own and Tumblr about how the two would work together if Rose had to be Hux’s spy handler, and I was hooked.

STEPHENIE: Finn and Poe.

PATIENCE: Am I cheating if I say Qui-Gon and Shmi again? They are just my favorite. 

STACI: Rey and Finn! Finn seemed real down for it, but Rey is an independent woman! 

LAUREN: A tremendous opportunity was missed when the obvious connection between Finn and Poe was left unexplored. 

Whose Tinder profile do you want to see?

ANNA: Qui-Gon

BRYN S.: Rose


PATIENCE R.: Anakin Skywalker 


LAUREN: Dr. Aphra

Which characters who don’t know each other in canon would have the best blind date?

PATTY: Holdo and Luke.  Look…maybe Leia just put them on a mission together in the Rebellion because reasons. They’re both wholesomely impulsive with a guiding trust in the Force and an openness to others that is insightful even though it can come off as naive. There would be HIJINKS and it would be hilarious and wholesome. Luke and Holdo would both get a fun smooch…probably just before they do something that definitely, probably will get them killed.  

ANNA: Rose and Rex. I think they would have a lot in common. 

BRYN S.: Din Djarin and Leia Organa. I see it more as a formality sort of date. She wants to establish a good relationship with the leader of Mandalore, and he realizes that she can talk to him about Jedi. They have a great time discussing how Extra™ Luke can be when he wants to show off and how difficult it is raising Force-sensitive children while juggling a career where everyone wants something from you. They end the night with target practice and Han crashes the date and nearly shoots himself in the foot trying to impress Leia. Mando enjoys himself immensely and ends up coming back every few months for dinner.

STEPHENIE: Poe and Anakin. They’d have a wonderful, friendly (but not) competition flying ships and trying to outdo each other with battle stories. 

PATIENCE R.: Ok, hear me out…Din Djarin and Enfys Nest. Two helmet-wearing, warrior icons. I’m picturing something low-key at a kid-friendly cantina so Grogu could join (finding a babysitter is hard). He could sit off to the side eating blue cookies and milk while Enfys and Din exchange heist stories. Who knows, maybe they’d hit it off? 

LAUREN: Enfys Nest and Dr. Aphra! They weren’t actually planning to be on a date. Dr. Aphra just sort of fell from the sky and onto Enfys’ speederbike. Turns out they were on the run from the same person. Aphra covers Enfys’ back, throwing just about everything that goes boom in the direction of their assailant while Enfys makes bold maneuvers until they finally lose them. They head to a cantina and have some drinks. They 1000% kiss. 

Who is having a Galentine brunch together?

PATTY: Hera, Sabine, and Ahsoka. Sabine made party favors. They’re bombs. Probably.  

ANNA: Rey, Rose, Leia, and Connix.

BRYN S.: Jannah, Rey, and Rose plan a brunch together even if none of them strictly know what “brunch” is supposed to be. Finn ends up crashing it because he feels left out. Poe shows up looking for Finn, tells them they’ve done brunch wrong, and proceeds to take control of the whole thing. Everyone is annoyed until they discover Poe can actually cook and mimosas are ridiculously tasty.

STEPHENIE: Hera, Sabine, Ahsoka, and Bo-Katan. 

PATIENCE R.: Ahsoka needs to have brunch with Jannah. Both ladies have compelling stories about leaving everything they knew behind to pursue their own paths. They would have tons of stories, perfect for sharing over mimosas. 

LINDSAY: I think all of our strong women figures would be hanging out and talking about the reasons they admire each other over waffles: Rey, Leia, Ahsoka, Padme, Bo-Katan, Hera… I’m forgetting some but they all have stories that intertwine and I think they would really respect one another. 

STACI: Fennec, Cara, Bo-Katan, and Koska.

LAUREN: Ahsoka, Hera, and Leia. They have way too many mimosas and start comparing battle scars (sort of like that one scene in Jaws). Some dude yells at them for being too loud. He is still missing. 

Thanks to Patience Randle for joining us on this special Valentine’s Day Round Table!

Patience Randle is a writer and videographer living in the Midwest. When she has free time, Patience enjoys reading dystopian fiction and binging true crime docs like there’s no tomorrow. She was 14 when she saw her first Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith, and she’s been hooked ever since. Find Patience’s blog at PatienceRandle.com and give her a follow on Twitter: @PatienceRandle.

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