Who Can It Be Now: The Rescue of Grogu


Welcome back! A few weeks ago, I discussed which Jedi survived Order 66. Today, I am going to cover the beings who I feel are the most likely to have rescued Grogu from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The first question that I think needs to be addressed is why Grogu? Why him, over all of the other beings in the temple? I believe Grogu was saved because he is of the same species as Yoda. They have a very long lifespan and are extremely powerful in the Force. Grogu is the Order’s best chance for survival. With this in mind, I invite you to follow me into the hallowed lands of Star Wars speculation, as we discuss who could have saved our little green friend.

Most Likely Jedi: Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos is confirmed to have survived Order 66. If he was on Coruscant during the event, I believe he is the most likely Jedi to have saved Grogu. He has the skills necessary as a Jedi and an undercover agent to have gotten in and out of the Temple on Coruscant unnoticed, and the criminal underworld connections to escape the planet. Some of these skills are discussed in Christie Golden’s Dark Disciple, where Quinlan teams up with Asajj Ventress to assassinate Dooku. Vos is skilled in psychometry, meaning that he can “see the memories of other beings simply by touching an object that such beings [have] come into contact with.” This allowed him to develop skills as an expert tracker, often taking missions that dealt with the criminal underworld.[1] There is no real information as to where he was during or right after Order 66, his last known location being Boz Pity, in the Mid Rim. This frees him up from the storyline strictures of someone like Jocasta Nu. I think this is also a great way to bring a beloved character into The Mandalorian, either through a flashback or in a present day setting.

Most Likely Jedi (Alternate): Mace Windu

Mace Windu, as I explained in my Order 66 article, could very well have survived. If he did survive the Force lightning/loss of hand/fall combination that has never in canon killed a single Jedi, he would be in prime position to quickly return to the Temple and save the being who at that time was potentially the greatest Force sensitive hope for the galaxy. I do not believe that Mace Windu knew about Anakin and Padmé’s relationship, marriage or unborn children. If he had, I have no doubt that Master Windu would have demanded that Anakin leave the Order. I chose Quinlan over Mace simply because of the confirmation that Quinlan survived Order 66. Of course, this nebulousness surrounding Mace Windu’s fate may have been exactly the smokescreen he would have needed to escape Coruscant with Grogu.

Most Likely Jedi (Honorable Mention): Jocasta Nu

Jocasta is one of the most underrated Jedi out there. She was probably one of the most knowledgeable Jedi, in no small part due to her care for the Archives. She also seems to have been talented with a lightsaber. We know she survived the initial wave of Order 66. It is well within the realm of possibility that she was able to take Grogu with her upon her escape. However, Jocasta features prominently in Charles Soule’s Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comics and there is no hint that she rescued, and perhaps handed off, a very young Grogu. While I think it is possible, I feel it is unlikely that Jocasta saved him.

The Best non-Jedi Option: The Bad Batch

(C) Lucasfilm via starwars.com

The Bad Batch would be a fantastic option—they blend in with other Clones, they don’t have a Jedi that they work with, and I suspect that because they are the “Bad Batch” (clones who are not to the uniform standard and excel differently) they may not have been chipped. Even if they were, given their special skills, I have no doubt that they could have removed or disabled them. They very easily could have gotten into the Temple and rescued Grogu, especially if a known ally (Rex perhaps?) had asked them for help. If Grogu had been overlooked or hidden away, they very well could have saved him and passed him off to be raised by a Jedi like Quinlan Vos or Mace Windu.

Most Unlikely: R2-D2

Several people have suggested that R2 and Grogu seemed to know each other when they met in Chapter 16 of The Mandalorian. I believe that R2 was excited to see a baby Yoda. He clearly had a fondness for Yoda and to see another of his species would be thrilling. Given the available information, I do not believe R2 could have saved Grogu. While he was not with Anakin when he became Darth Vader, nor when he slaughtered the Younglings, he was at Anakin’s side until he fell to Obi-Wan. He had no opportunity to hand Grogu off, even if he had been able to save him at the Temple. 

Most Out There Theory: Vader 

As is evidenced in Charles Soule’s Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith and Greg Pak’s Star Wars: Darth Vader comics, Vader can have his own agenda, especially at the beginning of his time as a Sith. It almost feels like there are moments when what remains of Anakin beneath the dark armor breaks through. To me, the most obvious example is Vader destroying Jocasta Nu’s holocron containing the identities and locations of Force sensitive children in order to keep it from the Emperor. Could Vader have saved Grogu during the Order 66 siege on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and destroyed any evidence of what he had done – yes. The reason behind it, unsure. Perhaps Anakin couldn’t face he idea of every young Force sensitive being dying and was concerned about his child being alone in the galaxy. Perhaps he felt that Grogu was young enough to not have been “tainted” by the teachings of the Jedi Order. He definitely would have been able to manipulate Grogu’s mind to remove his face from Grogu’s memory, hiding the fact that Anakin was his savior. This begs the question of who raised Grogu during the time of the original trilogy, because it certainly was not Vader. It is an out-there theory and highly unlikely, but who knows?

I feel like the Jedi are the most likely to have saved Grogu. They have the best opportunity and ability to save and hide The Child. I have not mentioned Obi-Wan or Yoda, simply because they were off-world and they clearly have no idea if anyone survived. Furthermore, Obi-Wan was charged with protecting Luke. I cannot imagine that he would take the risk of having so many Force sensitive beings in such close proximity to one another. Similarly, I am sure it was hard enough for Yoda to hide. To take on raising Grogu would have been impractical, not to mention, again, the danger of having two very powerful beings hiding on the same planet when they are being actively hunted. Overall, I feel like Quinlan Vos is the most “earned” possibility (to use the Dave Filoni standard[2]) as he is not one of our front and center Jedi and he has the most potential for a major storyline outside of the original trilogy. That being said, a Mace Windu reveal would be pretty exciting. Maybe we could even get a circumstance where Mace saves Grogu initially, rendezvous with Quinlan Vos who then takes Grogu into hiding. Honestly, this would make me SUPER happy. 

What do you think happened? Who do you think could have saved and/or raised Grogu, post Order 66? Leave us a comment or send us a DM through our Instagram. May the Force be with you. Always.

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