What we can do when we are small: An interview with Porglympics Chairporg, Porgkins

Patty & the Porgs

2020 started off a little, well, rough. That whole galactic plague was not on anyone’s New Year’s list. We all remember the first few weeks of quarantine, when the realization that this situation was to last for an unknown amount of time hit. They were dark days, days of fear, of worry, of the ever creeping Dark Side.

Yet even then, there were moments of brightness, of the Light Side making itself known through citizens of the galaxy. One such instance of light in our dark timeline was the 2020 Porglympics, a revival of an ancient Ahch-To festival. Arranged by a team of two delightful beings, Porgkins the Porg and Bridget the Human, the Porglympics were brought back to help bring hope, joy, and community to our dark days of isolation.

Both graciously agreed to speak with Project Stardust, even letting us see a sneak peek of 2021’s Porglympics that will run from Monday April 22nd to Monday May 3rd 2021.

Porgkins, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Porgkins: Thank you for offering me this wonderful interview opportunity. I am a porg from a galaxy far, far away on a planet called Ahch-To. Earth has been my home for the past three and a half years. I have quite the adventurous spirit and love learning about everything on this planet. My favorite food is sushi and I really enjoy reading. Most importantly, I love making friends! Human and porg alike.

How did you and Porgkins meet, Bridget?

Bridget: I was shopping at Target one Saturday morning in September 2017. When I reached the back of the store I noticed a little porg adoption area sectioned off in the corner. I had heard of porgs, but never met one myself. When I walked over, my eyes met the large, black eyes of a little gray, fuzzy creature. I noticed we had a connection right away. Porgkins approached me and I introduced myself to him. He asked if I would be interested in being his human guardian. I said I would love to. He jumped in my cart and we rolled off together. It’s been a beautiful experience ever since.

How did you hear about the Porglympics Committee and how did you become a chairporg?

Porgkins: The Porglympics were an event held in the ancient times of Ahch-To. As the story goes, courageous porgs from every island of the planet would come together and compete in captivating events to honor the porg culture of celebrating life. No one knows why the tradition ended millennia ago, but I was determined to revive it. I have researched ancient porg culture and studied the ways of the original Porglympians. Because of my knowledge and passion for restoring this important celebration, I was asked by the Intergalactic Porglympic Committee to serve as a chairporg in the 2020 Porglympics.

What is your favorite Porglympics event?

Porgkins: Oh my, I loved them all! Seeing all of the porgs competing in their events is a joy I cannot describe.  My favorite that I porgsonally participated in for the 2020 event was Glitter Counting. I came in first. In the past years I would say I most enjoyed the challenge of the event Opening a Capri Sun.

What is the best thing about the Porglympics? 

Porgkins: The best part was seeing the extraordinary passion each porg brought to their events. We’ve seen some really incredible porg athletes. Sometimes, when you are small, you feel like you can’t do big things. Or you feel that the little things you do don’t really matter. The Porglympics shows us all how much we are capable of and that everything we do is important. The Porglympians are truly an inspiration to me each day.

I heard that you have started a band, can we hear more about that? Will there be a special Porglympics porgformance?

Porgkins: Yes! Our band is called Lazer Salad. I am the lead chirper. We also have a porg on the harmonica and kazoo. We really have a wide range of music, something for everyone. We plan on our first album dropping by May!  

Bridget, as a human, what is your favorite part of the Porglympics? 

Bridget: The best part for me was seeing all of the fun the porgs and their humans were having coming up with events and photographing them. The 2020 events had over 400 posts by 58 separate social media accounts. You could really tell how much happiness the event brought to everyone involved. And in 2020, it was a great distraction to a difficult time. Every post brought me so much joy! And I know it brought joy to many others too.

Why do you think there is such a bond between people and porgs?

Bridget: Porgs are very curious, inquisitive creatures. They want to learn all about our world, experience our celebrations, share our snacks. Caring, kind humans are attracted to porgs to be their guardians on this planet. Porgs need someone to teach them the ways of the human experience on Earth and all the richness it has to offer. Some very special humans are called to fill that role.

How can porgs porgticipate in the 2021 International Porglympics? 

Porgkins: The annual event occurs in the two weeks before the porg holiday, May the 4th. Porgs create and porgticipate in the events of their choosing. They must document the event with one or more photographs and upload them to social media (Instagram or Twitter) using the hashtag #Porglympics2021. Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities, even if it is not the primary account of a specific porg. The human photographers bestow their own porg athletes the awards for their events. Last year we had teams submit flags representing their nests for the opening and closing ceremonies, but it’s not required. Porg safety is of the utmost importance of the event. We strictly prohibit any activities that would harm a porg.

The dates for 2021’s events will be Monday April 22nd to Monday May 3rd. Any porgformances and nest flags must be submitted to me on Instagram at @porgkinstheporg or Twitter @GlitterLeader by April 20th to be a part of the opening ceremony video.

Where can porgs and humans alike go to watch?

Porgkins: The best way to watch is to follow the hashtag #Porglympics2021 on Instagram and Twitter. The Porglympics Committee is working on building a website documenting the previous and future events. The link is porglympics.wordpress.com and should be running by early April 2021.

Last year’s events can be found by searching the hashtag #Porglympics2020. The videos of the opening and closingceremonies are also online. And of course, you can stay up to date on my adventures by following me at @porgkins_the_porg.

We hope to see Stardusters take part in the 2021 Porglympics, a celebration of the wonderful bond between porgs and other beings of the galaxy! Remember to follow #Porglympics2021 on Instagram and Twitter in the two weeks leading up to May the 4th, as a spectator or participant. Everyone stay safe, follow the light, and give a hug to a porg. May the Force be with you.