Baby Yoda Is a Knight of Ren and There Is Nothing You Can Do About It


During the second season of The Mandalorian, we learned quite a bit of new information about the artist formerly known as Baby Yoda. For one, we discovered that his name is actually Grogu. We also found out that he harbors a dark, painful past, and this is something that requires a little more attention as we watch the character develop.  

I have a working theory that Baby Grogu will eventually fall to the dark side. It is a feeling that crept up on me many times during season two, but the missing piece didn’t fall into place until the end of season two, when Grogu went with Luke to be trained at his newly formed Jedi Academy. That means that Grogu was more than likely present for the fall of the Temple.

Which is why I think I can confidently make this assertion… 

Baby Grogu is a Knight of Ren. 

I am not taking any questions at this time, but I will elaborate. 

Trauma has always been a huge catalyst in how people begin their paths to the dark side. Grogu has seen and lost so much in the fallout from Order 66. From the canon materials available to us, we understand that it was a terrible time for those who escaped. Just the loss of security from being hunted would be anxiety-inducing. Couple this with the loss of so many respected Masters and fellow Padawans, the only semblance of family he would have had since being pulled into the Jedi Order.

All of this trauma at such a critical moment in his development had an obvious effect on his life path. In The Mandalorian we learn that he has so much fear that he has closed himself off from the Force. And if there is one thing certain in the Star Wars universe, it is that fear is a dangerous emotion for Force users to manage.

The beautiful thing about The Mandalorian is watching how a relationship built on trust and love can open two people up in ways they were not expecting. Through the deep connection Grogu enjoys with Din, he is able to open himself up again to the Force. However, he uses the Force in ways that manifest somewhat violently. His power comes not from a place of inner peace, as he might have learned in training had he been able to finish it, but from something wild and feral within. For Grogu, using the Force often seems to be a fear response. By the last episode, he is using it to toss Stormtroopers around a room as they cry out in pain. Yes, there is a desire to protect the relationships he makes along the way, but there are many times you can see the fear-turned-to-anger bubbling to the surface.

Based on absolutely nothing, I assume that Grogu is still at Luke’s Academy when Ben Solo arrives on the scene. I imagine they respect each other very much given their shared raw talent with the Force. So on the night when Luke stands over Ben Solo, lightsaber ready to strike, this must break a certain amount of trust that Grogu is able to have in anybody, but especially in the person that was supposed to be guarding him with his life. Would Luke sense the same thing in Grogu as he sensed in Ben Solo?

And here…where the fear and the anger come back in even greater intensity than before…hate begins to take hold. The final step to the dark side. Picture him…Child, no more…huffy and puffy while hopping into his newly outfitted space egg. Off he goes with Ben Solo in his search for the Knights of Ren.

You may ask, “But Lauren…in order to be a Knight of Ren, you have to sacrifice someone precious to you. Are you saying Grogu might have murdered Din?” To which I say…not necessarily.

In all the time you have known Grogu, has he ever struck you as a rule-follower? He is a straight up agent of chaos, so if he does not feel like murdering Daddy Din, he is not doing it. It is more likely that he travels with the Knights as they spread discord across the galaxy, but he is so tiny and partial to napping that they just do not see him, and he rides along with them undetected until it is time to let the hate flow through him — a Silent Knight of Ren.

Plausible? Not at all.

Holiday appropriate? I’d say so.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Editor’s Note: This is part of our April Fool’s satire & silly articles that are meant to explore other sides of fandom life and theories from a more humours viewpoint.