Star Wars and Marvel Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride with Special Comic Variant Covers

Kelly Lynn Thomas

June is Pride Month, and while it may feel far away right now, it’s only two months away!

To celebrate, Marvel is releasing a series of special variant covers featuring LGBTQ+ characters drawn by LGBTQ+ artists for each of its Star Wars ongoing series. announced the variants on March 18, along with a list of which characters would be featured and which artists would draw them:

  • Sana Starros for Doctor Aphra #11, inks by Jan Bazaldua 
  • Terec and Ceret for High Republic #6, inks by Javier Garrón
  • Rae Sloane for Darth Vader #13, inks by J.J. Kirby
  • Lando Calrissian for Star Wars #14, inks by Stephen Byrne
  • Yrica Quell for Bounty Hunters #13, inks by Jacopo Camagni
  • Doctor Aphra for War of the Bounty Hunters #1, inks by Babs Tarr

The Sana Starros cover was revealed along with the initial announcement, and the Terec and Ceret cover was revealed on March 31 for Trans Day of Visibility. We’re still waiting to see what the other four will look like, but all six are available for preorder now from your favorite comic book shop!

While some variant covers are “exclusive,” meaning you can only purchase them from a particular store, or from a place that buys a certain quantity, these are open variants and will be available everywhere (within the confines of the predefined print run). Still, it’s a good idea to put in a preorder now if you want to ensure you get copies!

Each of these variant covers also feature a special version of the series logo with a rainbow solar flare detail, a subtle but beautiful nod to the rainbow pride flag. 

The initial announcement didn’t cause much of a stir, but the reveal of the High Republic variant, featuring the twin Jedi Terec and Ceret, both trans and nonbinary, certainly did. In my opinion, revealing the art for this previously announced cover on Transgender Day of Visibility made for a powerful statement from Lucasfilm on their ongoing efforts to increase inclusivity in the franchise.

Considering how vast and wide the galaxy is, trans characters are long overdue in Star Wars, but with Ceret and Terec’s introduction in The High Republic #2, it looks like they’re here to stay. And that is a good thing. Trans rights are human rights, and Star Wars is for everyone.

All fans deserve to see themselves represented in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, and these Pride Month covers are a great way to highlight some of the LGBTQ+ characters that live there.