Character Cheat Sheet: The Bad Batch Edition


The premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch looms on the horizon, less than a week away, and there are many of us who are thrilled for the next installment in Star Wars and Star Wars animation. However, there are also many of us who are entirely new to Star Wars animation. I recently had the opportunity to watch the Bad Batch arc of Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with a few friends who have never seen any of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I created a little quick cheat sheet to help them get to know the clones that they met during this arc, particularly the ones that would be predominantly featured in the upcoming animated show. I thought it might be useful for any other fans out there who are taking their first dive into the animated series of Star Wars with The Bad Batch, so I’ve provided a quick run-down of familiar clone faces that viewers will see in the Bad Batch arc in The Clone Wars and clones that might show up in The Bad Batch. 

Let’s start with the main characters!

The Bad Batch (“Clone Force 99”):


The de facto leader of the Bad Batch, Hunter is capable of picking up electromagnetic information via enhanced senses, which makes him even more accurate than a holomap. 

Distinguishing features: Hunter has a very Rambo-esque appearance, sporting a red bandanna, a half-face tattoo of a skull, and a very large vibro-knife. 


The muscle of the Bad Batch, Wrecker is physically larger and significantly stronger than the average clone and boasts a jovial and loud personality to match his size. 

Distinguishing features: First and foremost, Wrecker is huge. Just– Big. Additionally, it appears that he is blind in one eye and he has napalm-like scars on one side of his face. 


The brains of the Bad Batch, Tech has exceptional intellect and technological mastery, including a hobby of recording everything, which also makes him the problem-solver of the group. 

Distinguishing features: Tech is noticeably smaller and leaner than the average clones, and his bucket looks a little different, with a dynamic set of technologically-advanced goggles.


The sharpshooter of the Bad Batch, Crosshair has exceptional eyesight and a cutting level of dry humor and cynicism to go with his capabilities.

Distinguishing features: Crosshair has shock white hair and a targeting mark tattoo over his right eye, and he generally always has his 773 Firepuncher rifle. 

Alongside the Bad Batch troopers, there are other clones who appear in the Bad Batch arc of The Clone Wars. These clones and others may appear in the show in the future, though it’s entirely speculation at this point (aside from one particular sneak peek in the trailers). Let’s begin!

Regular Clones (“Regs”):

501st (Anakin Skywalker’s clone troops)


The Captain of the 501st, Rex functions as a second-in-command and right-hand man for Anakin, leading his brothers in battle all the way through Order 66. His appearance in the trailer for the Bad Batch has led to a great deal of speculation regarding his appearance and circumstances surrounding it.  

Distinguishing features: Rex has short blonde hair, gold eyes, and Jaig eye markings on his armor.


The head medic of the 501st, Kix ends up becoming the oldest surviving clone after being captured by Dooku and being put into a stasis pod, which survived into the sequel era. 

Distinguishing features: Kix’s armor has a red medic mark on shoulder and he has a large tattoo across the back of his head, but he’s grown out his hair in S7 so it’s mostly hidden, except by his temples. 

Jesse & Kix


Jesse is a clone Lieutenant, but later moves up to being an ARC trooper in season 7, fighting at Ahsoka’s side during the Siege of Mandalore. Unfortunately, Jesse was killed during Order 66, so he will not appear in The Bad Batchunless there are flashbacks.

Distinguishing features: Jesse boasts a large tattoo on his face of Galactic Republic emblem, which is mirrored on his helmet. 


After Rex went to Mandalore to help Ahsoka with the siege, Appo took over as the second-in-command for the 501st. He was previously seen in the Umbara arc of The Clone Wars and he took part in Order 66, having been present when Bail Organa tried to go into the Jedi Temple to help. 

Distinguishing features: Appo has a noticeable arrow on his helmet pointing down (a reference to the Avatar: The Last Airbender darling, Appa, that he is named in reference to). He’s had his helmet off before, but he has no distinguishing tattoos or anything. 

212th (Obi-Wan Kenobi’s clone troops)


 Cody is a Clone Marshal Commander and functions as the second-in-command for the 212th and as Obi-Wan’s right-hand man. However, after the events of The Clone Wars, Cody is seen in Revenge of the Sith receiving the Order 66 command and immediately attacking Obi-Wan Kenobi under the influence of the command.

Distinguishing features: Cody has yellow-patterned armor which features strong lines. He has dark hair and a scar on his face with a unique circle pattern that comes around his left eye, down onto his cheek. 

Other clone troopers:


 Echo is an ARC Trooper who was thought to have been lost at the Battle of the Citadel (an arc in Season 3 of The Clone Wars) in an explosion. He was later found by Rex and the Bad Batch in the possession of the Techno Union, a commerce guild, with his brain hooked up to a computer to be used as an information vault for Republic tactics. After he was rescued, he ended up joined the Bad Batch. 

Distinguishing features: While he previously looked like other clones, Echo currently has an awful pallor of death and many technological prosthetics, including a droid arm.

Echo & Fives


Fives was an ARC trooper and he’s an essential mention for Echo. Echo and Fives were close knit, sole survivors of their batch. Fives died prior to Echo being found, believing Echo to be dead. Before he died, Fives discovered the organic chips that were responsible for the implementation of Order 66, but he died before he could get the news out to his brothers.

Distinguishing features: Honestly, the easiest way to recognize Fives is from the 5 he has literally tattooed on his face. 


Fox is a Commander in the Coruscant Guard and he was directly involved in the death of Fives, who was deemed a threat by Palpatine. He was among the most highly-decorated officers in the Republic Military, maintaining his position after Order 66 was instituted and the Empire rose. 

Distinguishing features: Fox has red and white patterned armor with unique details.


Not actually seen, but definitely referenced when it comes to the Bad Batch. 99 was a clone that did not meet the desired results in the cloning process, having several genetic and physical “defects” that made him unfit for service. However, 99 was among the best of clones in terms of loyalty and honor and he was cherished by his brothers. He died fighting alongside his brothers while defending Kamino from a separatist invasion. 99 inspired many of his brothers before and after his death and the Bad Batch was named in his honor.

Distinguishing features: Uneven gait, noticeably different features from other clones, never in uniform.

This is just a sample of the important clone characters that have been present in the Bad Batch arc of The Clone Wars and may be present again in The Bad Batch. There are literally millions of other clones that may appear and I look forward to providing updates to this checklist to help folks get to know clone troopers a little more!