Star Wars Trading Post at Downtown Disney


When I drove 230 miles roundtrip to spend an hour shopping at Downtown Disney’s newest store, Star Wars Trading Post, I had hoped that the store might be bigger. Now don’t get me wrong I had a blast that day. I had made reservations for lunch at the La Brea Bakery for myself and my partner, and we budgeted enough money to spend at the store to make it worth the drive.  Still, as it was built in what used to be the Rainforest Cafe located at the western end of the DD district, I kind of thought it would be bigger on the inside. It was nicely themed with delightful touches everywhere like a Porg sitting on a nest of wire tucked away in a tree, and Grogu’s pod right by the front door. There was camo netting, radar dishes and various electrical gadgets and gizmos tucked into every corner, so it did have the feel of a Resistance Base nestled deep in the jungle. Yet I wanted …more. I mean it’s not their fault, maybe I misremembered the size of the Rainforest Cafe and was expecting something massive, maybe after a year of isolation I wanted to be dazzled like I was the first time I walked into Batuu. So I am not going to fault them for not rising to my imagination. I think what I am trying to get across to you is …it’s not that big.

The Trading Post did offer the kind of items one could only find on Batuu, so that in and of itself makes it worth the drive and parking fees (as of this writing was $10.00)  for someone in the relative vicinity. A light saber counter where you can purchase legacy sabers, and apparel that can only be purchased in Disneyland such as Jedi tunics, robes, belts, flight suits and First Order uniforms and caps. Holocrons and Kyber Crystals were also in abundance. Most of the creatures you can find in Batuu are there also, including the popular Loth Cat and Kowakian Monkey-Lizards. Mubo’s Workshop even has a presence where you can purchase premade droids and personality chips for the little darlings.

The star of the show however is undoubtedly Grogu. The “Child” is on everything. In Disney’s successful attempt at keeping the reveal of Grogu a secret before the airing of the first episode of the Mandolorian they went against their nature and licensed very little “Baby Yoda” merchandise. This had everyone scrambling  to purchase anything on Etsy and similar sites to satiate their need for “The Child” during the holiday season of 2019. Well, they are making up for lost time now. I love the little guy, I have him on my desk at work, and another plush version of him nestled up against my Loth Cat at home. He’s adorable, there is no denying it, but at the Trading Post we may have reached a saturation point. You name it, he was on it, shirts, caps, water bottles, backpacks, fanny packs, patches, pins and of course masks, and because of this at times it felt more like shopping at a Target and less like the themed shops and stalls you find in Batuu. That didn’t stop me from spending money like I was at Disneyland though. I ended up picking up a couple of the new Paddy Frog Sippers, a Jedi Tunic, a Remote R2 Unit with personality chip,  various patches and pins and because of the shrewd salesmanship of the young lady working the counter my very own Black Spire Spira (Basically a gift card, but way cooler).

When all is said and done I truly did appreciate having this little piece of Star Wars to get me through the lean times. I used to be able to go to Batuu once a month since its opening and it’s fair to say I really miss it. As of the writing of this article announcements have been made that indicate Disneyland in California may be reopening sometime soon. If that’s the case I think that I will do most of my shopping there. However, if you just need to pick up a Legacy Saber or your very own Salacious Crumb the Trading Post located at Downtown Disney will save you the price of admission to the park and you can probably find a decent meal at one of the nearby restaurants too.

Star Wars Trading Post is located at Downtown Disney in Anaheim California, open 7 days a week from 10AM till 8PM.