Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising: Ladies Edition

Salutations Stardusters!  Tis I, Professor Porg, ready to once again delve into the ever expanding galaxy of Star Warsmerchandise!  For this installment I reached out to Project Stardust to pick pieces of merchandise for their favorite women in the galaxy far, far away!  Delving into the depths of our collections, I have selected a few curated pieces to share. Please, dive in, and enjoy the joy and love of our collection.

Anna’s Saint Carrie

“Blessed Rebel Queen” by Lindsay Van Ekelenburg

This is technically Carrie rather than Leia, but I think Carrie is Leia and, on some levels, Leia is Carrie. This was one of the first pieces of Star Wars related art that Ipurchased.  It has always been hanging in my dining room, with the paper chains I made with my grandfather for Christmas in the early 1980s surrounding it. This print just pleases me on so many levels. I love Carrie, her intelligence, her wit, her love of Gary, her attitude, and her honest discussions of mental health. I have wanted to be Princess Leia since I was 3. If I can be like Carrie in all the good ways, I will be so fortunate. This piece just speaks to me and screams I AM CARRIE  FISHER, HEAR ME ROAR and I love it.

Professor Porg: Our Galaxy Far, Far Away is not just made up of the characters within it, but they people on Earth who have helped create and inspire it.  Our Blessed General will always be with us, inspiring not just us but future generations of rebels. An inspired selection of an amazing woman.

Ash’s Smuggler Takes A Stand 

Mara Jade has been one of my favorite Star Wars characters even since I read the Thrawn Trilogy and Hand of Thrawn duology when I was a teenager. Having this bad-ass female Jedi that could go toe to toe with Luke was just awesome to me. I missed the release of her Black Series figure, but I was extremely happy to be able to pick one up after the fact and add her to my collection!

Professor Porg: While I am a porg not given at all to speculation, I would be remiss to say that I do not hope to see a familiar redhead pop up somewhere in Disney’s galaxy. And certainly not just so that there will be more merchandise! Though I do hope Mara is up for sharing one of those drinks from Batuu, curating is thirsty work.

Elena’s Elegant Princess

This is my original Leia doll I got the year they made them. I’m a huge Barbie collector as well as Star Wars, so when this came out I HAD to have it. Leia was the original powerful woman in Star Wars and well we all know what an inspiration Carrie Fisher was/is so this Leia doll means everything to me, I’ve never opened it either, I don’t want it ruined for anything! She’s the one item I would never, under any circumstances sell.

Professor Porg: This is truly a relic in time and an amazing addition to the collection!  From the packaging to the face sculpt to the intricate hair it is truly a replica worthy of our Lady, Princess, Senator, and General.  

Liv’s Looking for Leia

First off, choosing ONE favorite Star Wars lady is like choosing one favorite Loth-cat. I love them all, okay? But, for this prompt, the choice was obvious, and it also happens to be a twofer.
I bought these two items of clothing – one t-shirt and one tank top – as an early birthday present for myself in November 2019 (ah, the time of innocence pre 2020). They both contain iconography associated with Leia Organa, and they were sold to benefit a project called Looking for Leia. If you are not familiar, Looking for Leia, as per their website, is “a seven part docu-series about women as well as non-binary fans who found identity, connection, and purpose in their love of the galaxy far, far away”.

Unless you stumbled onto this article by accident and have no idea what Project Stardust is about, I think you can probably see why these Looking for Leia items would be right up my alley. Every time I wear them, I am reminded not only of Leia and her strength in the face of adversity, but of my Stardust siblings. Everyone I work with on this site, and every one of you ‘Dusters reading this – every person who chooses to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. We are saving what we love, like Rose Tico did. We are the spark, as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo said. We have everything we need, and furthermore, there are things that we cannot solve by jumping in an X-wing and blowing something up. Like Leia, we use our words, we use diplomacy, and though we are strong on our own, we are unbeatable when we are together.

This is us, and we are not going anywhere; we have found ourselves, and we are here to stay.

Professor Porg: Looking for Leia is a wonderful docu-series that as Liv mentioned shares much of the same mission as Project Stardust. In fact here in my office I have my own little pieces of merch from their pop up collection.  Our Feminist Fan Agenda may include Amidala’s headdress. Truer words, Liv, and we are glad to have you.

Kelly’s Kotobukiya Bishoujo

These two Kotobukiya bishoujo statues of Mara Jade and Jaina Solo are hands down my favorite collectibles. While they both have certain, ahem, features exaggerated, these statues are absolutely gorgeous and so well detailed. I love how dynamic the Mara statue is, and the Jaina statue perfectly captures her attitude of “I just got back from fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, but I’m ready to go ahead, anytime!” As a bonus, the Mara statue also comes with a few interchangeable features, so you can transform her into light side Mara, too!

Professor Porg: The action! The fashion! The poses!  There is so much to love in both of these figures. Two stunning women, two stunning stories, and Legends to be appreciated and loved.

Thank you for joining us on this installment of Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising!  

We hope that we’ve shown you some new pieces of the grand galaxy, perhaps ones you might wish for your own collection.  

Until next time I will continue to collect, to curate, and to coo excitedly over what we all love.  

As always, may the Force be with you.