The Bad Batch: A Project Stardust Roundtable (Episode 11)

Featuring Anna, Jamie, Jennie, Lauren, Lindsay, Nessa, Patty, Staci, and edited by Liv

The Project Stardust team has decided to come together to have a roundtable after each episode of The Bad Batch! Each week we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about this episode. In preparation for this new series, we watched the Bad Batch Arc of The Clone Wars season 7, and most excitingly, some of us were brand new to The Clone Wars! In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about each episode. This week, this group made up of both Clone Wars veterans and more recent fans of Clone Force 99 will be tackling episode 11 of The Bad Batch. As such, there are spoilers—if you haven’t watched the episode yet, come back here once you have!

One Thing We Loved

Anna: HERA AND CHOPPER, YAY!!!!!!! I was also excited to see Hera’s mother, Eleni. And Ryloth during this period.  Really all of it.  I loved it ALL.

Jamie: Every single week with this show I end up saying something about the visuals. This show is so cinematically gorgeous, and I cannot get enough of it. Seeing Hera’s point of view as she looks to the sky, wishing that she was a pilot and dreaming of the future. But the cinematic that absolutely took my breath away was when they left Ryloth and landed on the moon, and we can see Ryloth in the background. We’re aware that Star Wars at its core is a space adventure but the way the storytelling has been so far, we almost forget that it’s set in outer space. And that shot alone really brings that reality back in that there is a much bigger galaxy out there, even though we’re only seeing a small piece of it.

Lauren: I almost didn’t survive this episode. I am the biggest Twi’lek stan and there were SO MANY!!! My eyes didn’t know where to look. So many outfit ideas! My heart was just bursting out of my chest. AND THEN…HERA AND CHOPPER!!!!! Hera with her little baby lekku. Just wow. Wasn’t expecting it. It seems we’ll be getting more of her in what may turn out to be the origin story of how she got recruited into the rebellion which is SO bleeping cool!

Lindsay: So much to love about this episode, but I loved meeting baby Hera and Chopper at this stage in the story. The interaction between Hera and Omega, Hera’s daring as the Empire takes over her home—we know her as a badass pilot from Rebels, but the origin story gives us more insight into her spirit. I don’t want to assume anything, but we better see her in the next episode!

Nessa: I mean, it’s probably the same as a lot of people, right? It was so cool to see this part of the story filled in for Hera, to have her mother’s name and character established, and to see what Ryloth was like as the Empire came in and took over where the Republic had once stood… And, yes, uh. I have to mention him, I tried to tell myself not to, BUT CAPTAIN HOWZER, HELLO. The whole clone fandom has fallen in love with this man, and I am no exception. I want to keep him forever.

Staci: Hera and Chopper origins! I was so excited to see these characters! I didn’t know that they had been together so long. I also enjoyed seeing young Hera play with Omega. That was really cute! It was also good seeing Hera’s parents still in charge on Ryloth.          

One Thing We Did Not Love

 Anna: I really loved all of this episode. I felt like it was well done and sharp. 

Jamie: Not feeling Admiral Rampart? I understand we’re not supposed to like him though as the token Imperial bad guy but he’s nothing special it seems. Really not expecting much from him moving forward.

Lauren:  This was a perfect episode. Nothing wrong. 100% gold. Beautiful. *chef’s kiss*

Lindsay: These are so silly they barely count: I didn’t like the cliffhanger of that episode, to start! (Obviously that is not a bad thing but so unlike every episode so far!) I also am nervous about what will happen to Hera’s parents, and I don’t like that sense of foreboding.

Nessa: I wish we could have seen more of the Bad Batch during this episode. I’m assuming and hoping that this episode is leading up and establishing the groundwork for a more involved next episode that will have them in it way more. But I missed my lads, as much as I enjoyed seeing other adored characters like Hera and Chopper.

Staci: There was nothing I didn’t like! But I did get confused about the timeline with Rebels and Clone Warsand this show. I may still be confused.

We Have Questions

Anna: I have so many questions. I am really excited about the signal of a larger arc with galactic implications within the series.  I have felt like the previous episodes have been part of an overall arc, but still very episodic. It doesn’t have the same feel of a more contained arc over several episodes, like we saw in Clone Wars. Also, are we going to see virtually everyone in Rebels featured? 

Jamie: What is the real reason the Batch is still working with Cid even though Omega paid off their debt? Are they just trying to actually make some credits now, or is she possibly leading them to a greater rebellion that’s starting up?

Lauren: I think the story is leading us in the direction of the Bad Batch, perhaps with Hera, hooking up with and flying missions for the Rebellion. I don’t want to cause a commotion, but is it possible we will see baby Leia? Just Baby Leia with Daddy Bail and Mama Breha. Let me have it.

Lindsay: The title for this episode, Devil’s Deal, makes me think of Lando in ESB: “This deal is getting worse all the time!” What other worlds will we see the Empire take over? Also, is Hera going to be an honorary part of the Bad Batch before she sets off on her own?

Nessa: … is Crosshair going to be the one to do it? We know that Eleni doesn’t survive the Empire’s transition of power on Ryloth. That’s been established. It’s just a question of how it’s going to happen. It really feels like it’s being built up for Crosshair to be the one to kill her and that’s going to be… phew. That’ll be a bad one.

Staci: Was Hera Force sensitive? I can’t remember but that line about feeling the flying made me wonder.

Bad Batcher of the Week

Anna: I mean, there was not much Batch in this episode.  I was totally into seeing Hera and Omega together.

Jamie: OK not a Batcher but we saw this coming, Captain Howzer. He is so similar to Rex in the way that he is for the rules and will follow the protocol but will also bend things as needed. And he is just so dissimilar to all of the other post Order 66 clones we’ve seen so far! Still carrying himself like the unique clones during the war, and still wearing customized armor. I need to know more about why he’s still like his normal self and not a mindless drone. Did his chip go off at all? Did he remove it? Is he undercover and in communication with Rex? I have so many questions about him. He is definitely on Cham’s side, and I would not be surprised if he has a contingency plan with the Syndullas in order to make sure Hera is protected.

Lauren: The Bad Batch was pretty much sidelined in this episode except for Omega. It was super cute when she was showing Hera around the ship like, “This is my room. I live here. It’s my favorite.” Adorable.

Lindsay: Omega, because of how welcoming she was to Hera, and her awe at learning that flying wasn’t just about the instruments and technical aspects, but the emotion.

Nessa: This one’s tricky because the Bad Batch wasn’t really a focal point of this episode, but I’m going to go ahead and say Omega took the Bad Batcher title again this week. Her interactions with Hera were so lovely and it was great to see her interacting as a member of the Bad Batch, rather than as a tagalong for the Bad Batch, if that makes sense? I just love her, honestly, I won’t lie.

Staci: I will say that Howzer is my standout this week. I get clone confused but I don’t think I’ve seen him before. I checked him out. *wink wink*

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