The Bad Batch: A Project Stardust Roundtable (Episode 12)

Featuring Anna, Jamie, Jennie, Lauren, Lindsay, Nessa, Patty, Staci, and edited by Liv

The Project Stardust team has decided to come together to have a roundtable after each episode of The Bad Batch! Each week we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about this episode. In preparation for this new series, we watched the Bad Batch Arc of The Clone Wars season 7, and most excitingly, some of us were brand new to The Clone Wars! In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about each episode. This week, this group made up of both Clone Wars veterans and more recent fans of Clone Force 99 will be tackling episode 12 of The Bad Batch. As such, there are spoilers—if you haven’t watched the episode yet, come back here once you have!

One Thing We Loved

Anna: I have really enjoyed this arc, overall.  I like seeing what is happening on the ground, so to speak.  I loved watching a young Hera and Omega working together, and I was really thrilled that Howzer understood the implications of what was going on and acted accordingly. Also, I will always love Chopper.

Jennie: Love that Hera and my favorite murder-bot Chopper are back again. This is such great insight into all that makes Hera who she is in Rebels and why she has the bond she has with Chop.

Lindsay: My favorite thing about this episode was the interactions between Hera and Omega. In the last episode they barely met and quickly established a friendship, and that low-key led to the events of this episode unfolding. When Hera was in trouble, she showed her resourceful side and called Omega and the Bad Batch to help. When they turned her down, Omega encouraged her to think of a strategy on her own, using her knowledge of her home planet, which encouraged the gang to get in on the action. I sometimes imagine the Star Wars universe to be a lonely place and their fast friendship shows me it’s not always a given.

Nessa: I’ve really enjoyed this little arc completely, because it fills in another part of the bigger picture for Star Wars. Like, we knew something went down on Ryloth when the Empire took over, and we knew that Hera had a completely different perspective of clones than Kanan did, but these episodes really showed us some of the finger details of those moments in time. In addition, it really dug into that thing I love about stories – the interconnectivity. It’s a big GFFA, but it still feels so beautiful and so poetic to have these lives and storylines cross one another over and over, like weaving.

Staci: I loved seeing Hera and Chopper and the planet Ryloth again. Hera calling for help from Omega and our Batchers made for another fun mission impossible success.      


One Thing We Did Not Love

 Anna: I am sad that Howzer and his allies were arrested. I mean, I know it had to happen, but I hope they are rescued somehow.

Jennie: Crosshair’s storyline is bothering me. I understand it but it seems very disconnected from episode to episode. Also, they never addressed any injuries he had to have sustained a few episodes prior.

Lindsay: Seriously, though… can Crosshair chill already? We need Howser to be safe and Crosshair to stop aiding the enemy.

Nessa: So, I won’t lie… I’m not the biggest Crosshair fan. He’s fine! But I don’t have any attachment to him, either? But I don’t like… that the Bad Batch hasn’t tried to go back to him. I don’t like that he’s seeming to be breaking free of his programming, maybe? But… alone. I’m sure it’ll be addressed (I hope it will?) but it’s making me weirdly sad to see Crosshair kind of… abandoned to his fate by his brothers.

Staci: I dislike Crosshair so much! He is the real traitor! Now he’s going to hunt his brothers. It’s like he put the “bad” in Bad Batch. DISLIKE!

We Have Questions

Anna: I am thrilled that we are going to get a Bad Batch/Crosshair showdown in these last few episodes.  I am kind of hoping that it doesn’t end with another noble sacrifice/redemption, only this time with Crosshair. Also, could we just not see Howzer be executed? Please?

Jennie: Will we see Hera and Kanan meet or cross paths?

Lindsay: I know Crosshair’s actions are mostly driven by his inhibitor chip, so will he ever have it removed and rejoin the rest of the Batchers? I might have even asked this before, but it’s something I wonder every time he’s on screen. He is their brother and I feel like he either will rejoin them or be lost.

Nessa: This one goes out to Dave Filoni – you’re not going to make me watch Howzer die, are you? Please don’t make me watch Howzer die. I won’t survive.

Staci: I am wondering if we will see more Hera and Chopper in this series. It would be cool to see if Hera and Omega continue a relationship.

Bad Batcher of the Week

Anna: Tech.  Always my man.  Fantastic piloting. I loved him teaching Hera a really valuable skill.

Jennie: Tech as always and Chopper if we can make him an honorary batcher for a few weeks!

Lindsay: Tech’s flying chops this week are the deciding factor for me!

Nessa: This week goes to my boy Tech, for being the best drifter in the galaxy. I really did not expect Tech to become a favorite of mine during the course of this show, but I will admit readily to having watched him drift that ship several times. He also, uhhh, taught Hera a critical component of the Ghost?? I loved that little shout-out. Just, amazing.

Staci: I will say this week’s standout is between Howzer (Honorary Batcher for this arc!) and Crosshair. Crosshair, because I can’t stand him! Howzer, because I love him! He did the right thing even though he put himself in danger. His behavior is very pre-Order 66. I love pre-Order 66 clones.

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