The Bad Batch: A Project Stardust Roundtable (Episode 14)

Featuring Anna, Jamie, Jennie, Lauren, Lindsay, Nessa, Patty, Staci, and edited by Liv

The Project Stardust team has decided to come together to have a roundtable after each episode of The Bad Batch! Each week we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about this episode. In preparation for this new series, we watched the Bad Batch Arc of The Clone Wars season 7, and most excitingly, some of us were brand new to The Clone Wars! In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about each episode. This week, this group made up of both Clone Wars veterans and more recent fans of Clone Force 99 will be tackling episode 14 of The Bad Batch. As such, there are spoilers—if you haven’t watched the episode yet, come back here once you have!

One Thing We Loved

Anna: I like that we got to see the transition from clones to recruited troopers. I was always curious as to how troops became so inept, and now I know!

Jennie: Showing more of how the Empire got away from the clone armies and more into regular people as troopers. I wish the show would give us more insight into the recruitment process. We got glimpses of it in Solo, I’m just curious what incentives they may have given at the beginning.

Lauren: The cameo this week went over my head, but I’m sure it was pretty sweet for our clone lovers. This episode kind of gave me a lot to think about. It’s the first time a light bulb has gone off in my head that I don’t remember seeing Kaminoans in the original or sequel trilogies. They tend to keep to themselves which has already been explained, but I wonder if we’re about to see something super tragic happen to this species that would explain why they are so rare to see. I guess I just like how we are asked to think about the wider universe and remember all of the different eras in time we’ve seen. We’re constantly invited to make the connections and let that help us understand and appreciate these stories in new ways.

Nessa: I cannot say enough about how fascinating this entire episode was to me. In my opinion, there’s never enough information about what happens to the clones in this transition period where the Empire moves away from using clone troopers to using volunteer soldiers. Getting to see all of the clones, including the youngest cadets, being shuttled off of Kamino and away from the familiarity they know… it was weirdly heartbreaking, because they don’t know what’s happening. They’re just following orders. So, long story short, I loved that we got to see this facility where the clones are training the new soldiers of the Empire, and I’m glad we got to see more evidence of how the clones feel about what’s happening to the way of life they’ve always known.

Patty: I went into The Bad Batch thinking that we were going to see the downfall of Kamino. After all, their cloning tech doesn’t seem to be truly in use through the failed experiments we’ve seen in The Mandalorian and the sequel trilogy. The showdown with the Prime Minister, the moving of the remaining clone cadets, the training of Imperial recruits by regs, and Nala Se’s forced recruitment—everything we see happening is laying some very troubling groundwork for the eventual fate of Kamino.

Staci: I loved this episode! I laughed through half of it! It was really fun seeing the stormtroopers take shape. They changed their armor, and now that the troopers aren’t clones, they suck at trooping. I had to crack up at that!  The scene when Hunter realizes that they aren’t clones was enlightening since we also find out that the training is purposely lacking according to Gregor. Very interesting indeed!

One Thing We Did Not Love

Anna: Watching Hunter get left behind was ROUGH. I understand why, and Tech did the right thing, but it was just hard to watch.

Jennie: Hunter being left behind. I know he did it for the greater good, but it doesn’t make it easier to watch.

Lauren: I continue to not enjoy how reductive the writing for Omega has been.

Nessa: Honestly? This episode hit all of the buttons for me. I can’t think of a single thing that I’m unhappy with, other than the general devastation I felt when Hunter was left behind. THAT hurt my heart.

Patty: Honestly, I think my only complaint is I was expecting more Crosshair? In general, this was a solid episode that pulled together a lot of our outstanding threads to set up for the finale.

Staci: I don’t like that Hunter got left behind! I also think that Hunter could’ve taken down all those approaching troopers by himself! They are that lame!

We Have Questions

Anna: Will Hunter be able to save Crosshair, and will Crosshair be able to save Hunter?

Jennie: Will Hunter get through to Crosshair and help him have a change of heart (or perhaps prove he has any heart)?

Lauren: We now know that Nala Se is seen as useful by the Empire. I wonder if she is still alive and part of the experiments that we see in The Mandalorian. That’s where my brain goes when I think about what could have possibly happened to the Kaminoans. Just something to jot down for Season 3.

Nessa: WHERE IS CODY? I have said time and again that I need to know where my lad is, even though it’s both my one hope and my one fear. I’m scared to see what his state of being is, but I also just… need to see him? Where is Cody????

Patty: Provided by my sister: “Is there something up with Gregor?” Gregor is the clone we met this episode. He had a one-episode arc in The Clone Wars, but is more notable in being one of the clones in Rex’s group when we meet back up with him in Rebels. And is there something up with Gregor? The answer is yes, but it’s probably from the amnesia.

Staci: What does Crosshair plan to do with Hunter and the other Batchers?

Bad Batcher of the Week

Anna: Tech continues to step up and be the badass nerd of dreams.

Jennie: Tech, he keeps showing he’s more than just a nerd. How many nerds do you know that could do the physical stuff he does?

Lauren: I continue to love Tech and the fact that he is basically human C-3PO.

Nessa: I’m showing my bias here, but I’m going to give it to Tech. I don’t know how I’ve come to love this tall nerd so much, but here I am. The man fumbled an alarm, nearly got his head taken off by Scorch, pulled another Tech-yo Drift, and had to make the tough call of obeying Hunter’s order to leave him behind. I love him. (Note from Anna and Liv: LOL Tech-yo Drift. BRILLIANT)

Patty: MY DARLING ECHO GOT A MOMENT TO SHINE. I still haven’t gotten him really dealing with Fives (which I will never, ever stop bringing up until you DEAL WITH IT FILONI), but Echo did get to express some of the trauma from his experience on Skako Minor. Echo has been through an unimaginable amount of pain, and it has made him grumpy but also resolutely determined and selfless when it comes to the suffering of a fellow reg.

Staci: I found the new clone, Gregor, to be somewhat of a standout. He’s goofy at some points but is definitely valuable to have on the team. What’s up with that laugh? It made me laugh!

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