The Bad Batch: A Project Stardust Roundtable (Episode 15)

Featuring Anna, Jamie, Jennie, Lauren, Lindsay, Nessa, Patty, Staci, and edited by Liv

The Project Stardust team has decided to come together to have a roundtable after each episode of The Bad Batch! Each week we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about this episode. In preparation for this new series, we watched the Bad Batch Arc of The Clone Wars season 7, and most excitingly, some of us were brand new to The Clone Wars! In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the things we liked and the questions we have about each episode. This week, this group made up of both Clone Wars veterans and more recent fans of Clone Force 99 will be tackling episode 15 of The Bad Batch. As such, there are spoilers—if you haven’t watched the episode yet, come back here once you have!

One Thing We Loved

Anna: I may or may not have gotten a little misty seeing Crosshair fighting with the Bad Batch. I really loved that. I may have also been very excited about the return of a certain droid!

Jamie: Learning about the tube system on Kamino was eye opening for Tech, to say the least. 

Plus, I must say the quip to Wrecker while they’re in the secret lab after Omega reveals Clone Force 99 began in that lab and Wrecker looks for confirmation from Tech absolutely sent me.

Jennie: I liked seeing the softer side of Crosshair. Usually, I think he’s a Grade A jerk (even before he betrayed them initially), but seeing him side with the guys again was a nice twist. I especially felt for him when he brought up being left behind. You could see he was hurt and that may have been more of a driving factor in his mission to hunt them down than the inhibitor chip was.

Lauren: Where do you even start with an episode like this? I think the part where my soul left my body was when Crosshair reveals that he’s already had his inhibitor chip removed and is acting on his own accord. He has been giving me villain this whole season and when the explanation is “I was born this way, baby”, THAT is my jam. But just because he truly believes himself to be the hero of this story as villains often do, that doesn’t mean that we can’t bring complexity to Crosshair’s character as someone who has been abandoned by his friends when he needed them the most. Whether or not that abandonment was the intention of the Bad Batch, that’s completely what it seems like, and it’s totally valid for Crosshair to be in his feelings about it. So while it’s not clear whether or not Crosshair has flipped back over to being on the side of the Bad Batch at the end of the episode, it was touching to see them back together again and ready to at least try to repair what has been broken between them. Love this story line.

Lindsay: What a lead-in to the finale! This episode was near perfect for me. One of the things I really appreciated about this episode was how it showed us a different side of the story in a way I hadn’t really been exposed to before. Obviously it was darker—Omega acknowledged a difficult young life, and Kamino is now destroyed after holding so much history and the keys to so many stories—but for me it marks an essential piece of storytelling in the birth of the Empire, which is so fascinating despite the tragedy brought to the galaxy under this era. I felt like I really learned something new as part of the larger story, and it made this episode one of my favorites.

Nessa: The absolute devastation of this episode just… really spoke to me. I wish I could adequately put into words how much this episode impacted me. It was astounding to see the end of Kamino as a cloning facility and as a home for the clones… this episode was so poignant and spoke on so many levels to the questionability of the galaxy. I just… loved it. I could watch it again and again and I will get choked up every time.

Staci: I was really happy to see the droid AZI-3 show up. He was always a bit funny. Some comic relief in Star Wars is always helpful at stressful times like this episode. I am sure he will be helpful with his medical knowledge about the clones too. These guys get into a lot of scrapes and can use a medic on the team.       

One Thing We Did Not Love

Anna: The destruction of Kamino was a little rough to watch. 

Jamie: This is a minor criticism so take it with a gram of spice, okay? The timing of this I feel was a little rushed. I was hoping that we would get a little more time with the Batch without Hunter. Just to see how they really would have functioned without him for a longer amount of time. Plus, offloading Gregor onto Cid is a scene that we need to see eventually. I understand why it didn’t happen, as it would have ruined the pacing of the episode, but it was still sorely missed by me.

Jennie: Who knew I’d get the feels watching Kamino get destroyed? I’ve never had a particular attachment to the planet and people, but there is something about watching the end of an era that gets you.

Lauren: “How did you know about this tube system, Omega?”…You mean how did she know about this basic travel structure on Kamino where she has spent her whole life as an assistant to the head researcher on the planet who developed the program you’re all a part of and thus probably knows a shit ton of information that you’ll never get because you just NEVER ASK HER any important questions???? *insert eye roll emoji here* (Note from Anna and Liv: TOTALLY AGREE)

Lindsay: Sometimes I think Omega’s urge to help out is endearing but girl, if you had just stayed put you wouldn’t have put the guys in such a precarious position of needing to fight off old-school clones! I can’t decide if this was really necessary, but if she had bolted back to the ship, would Crosshair have been in a position to extend an olive branch? I’m sure it could have happened and I thought this attempt at being helpful was just frustrating.

Nessa: I don’t know if I have anything I necessarily disliked about this episode… I have a lot of questions. I have some mixed feelings, but in the sense that we should have mixed feelings. About Kamino. About Crosshair. About motivations and drive and purpose. I guess this aftermath is something I don’t like, but it’s also important.

Staci: I really disliked that the Empire fired on Kamino. It seems like such a waste of resources. Of course, I am also worried about our team getting off. That ending was not looking hopeful!

We Have Questions

Anna: When did Crosshair have his chip removed? Was it when he was injured? Why is he still so pro-Empire?! So many questions…

Jamie: Is the Havoc Marauder safe? Is it alright? Look, this is easily the thing that is the least of our worries right now, but with the Batch’s seemingly only escape route back to the ship blown up, it just makes me wonder if the ship is going to be intact if they ever make it back to it. By extension, is Gonky safe? He made a quick comeback early in this episode assisting Echo and Omega with repairs, but is he safe and sound on the ship at the end?

Jennie: With season 2 confirmed, what kind of cliffhanger are we going to get with episode 16? Obviously, a second season implies that some or all survive, but I doubt the ending to season 1 is going to be tied up in a pretty bow.

Lauren: Did Crosshair actually have his chip removed? He keeps messing with his head, so I kind of have my suspicions about that. I know it would negate some of the things I said I loved, but I think we have to ask the question.

Lindsay: I really want to know the timing of Crosshair’s inhibitor chip being removed (especially because we saw them cranking up the juice on it earlier in the series, right? Was that all just meaningless?) and if he will be swayed to rejoin his brothers at all. Also, the obvious question: will they all make it out of the wreckage of Kamino safely?

Nessa: When did Crosshair find out about the chip and how and who agreed to take it out for him and HOW AND WHEN AND WHY? I have so many feelings and they’re ALL CONFUSED. I really just need to know more.

Staci: How will they get out of this situation, and will Crosshair fully rejoin the team?

Bad Batcher of the Week

Anna: Are we considering Crosshair a member of the Bad Batch? I am and he was pretty awesome this week. 

Jamie: I didn’t think I would be saying this, but it’s Crosshair. The moment we got “Enter the Bad Batch” playing again with all of them fighting together was just an absolutely perfect moment.

Jennie: 15 weeks and counting, going with my boy Tech, even if a certain other contributor to this roundtable tried to scar me for life about Tech (dammit Nessa!). (Editor’s note: There was discussion of Tech’s armor looking like a crop top. This now lives rent free in all of our heads.) I will say I actually started to like Crosshair a little more, but he can never be my favorite.

Lauren: This was the Crosshair episode. Hands down.

Lindsay: Despite my frustrations with her trying to help, Omega is so brave and faces a place that brings her so much sadness. Everyone had standout moments in this episode, but her insider knowledge of Kamino and her willingness to step up is a winner for me every time.

Nessa: Full stop, no doubts, it’s Omega. Omega faced her own quiet but obvious trauma to bring her brothers to Kamino to rescue Hunter. She did what needed to be done to protect and save them. And I will never forget her look of horror as she watched Kamino go up in flames.

Staci: Crosshair!!! I really thought he was going to turn out to be on the side of our favorite team there for a moment. Then he reveals he did all of this without the chip telling him to. What?! I mean, I guess it makes sense. He was suspicious even before Order 66. My favorite Crosshair moment in this episode is when he fired one shot and struck all of the newer soldiers. I’m still enjoying the evolution of the stupid stormtroopers!

What did you think about the fifteenth episode of The Bad Batch? Are you excited about the season 2 reveal? Drop a comment or send us a message through our Instagram!